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If you’re ready to be successful managing all aspects of your workforce, then you’re are ready for ePro Scheduler Plus. The simple dashboard provides the hub for managing schedules, daily time & attendance and closing out payroll each period. Self service shift pickups, swaps, time-off, time cards, calendars, messaging, documents and customized forms are easy to use and intuitive.

Additional workforce management tools plugin to the same easy to use dashboard. Manage fleet maintenance. Create and manage online and classroom courses. Manage supplies in central supply, at satellite locations and on vehicles. Use ePro Tracker for confidential forms management to ensure CASS Accreditation.

Additional ePro Workforce Tools...
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Excessive Overtime? Stop the Bleeding! and learn how ePro Scheduler Plus can help reduce your labor costs.
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"ePro Scheduler Plus improves scheduling, payroll accuracy, scheduling and employee satisfaction. Medstar has been using it since 2005 and it is an integral part of our daily operations. eCore continues to improve the product with new features and technology.

To maximize your EMS operation work flow efficiency, I recommend ePro Scheduler Plus. It is the most user friendly and flexible software you will find."

Doug Hooten, Executive Director
Medstar Mobile Healthcare, Fort Worth, Texas

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