Training Options

Training Options

eCore Software considers user training an essential initial step in implementing our scheduling, time & attendance, and payroll system and record management software. Because of this, eCore provides several options for training that are tailored based on each client’s operational needs and complexity. Our Fast-Track training options ease the transition into using the software. Training can be provided at your place of business, here at our office in Dallas, TX, or on the web.

On-site Training

Though On-Site Training may be arranged for any situation, it is strongly recommended for larger operations. For On-Site training, an eCore trainer will come to your site and train key personnel through presentation and hands-on learning.

Online Training

Our online training option provides a convenient and cost-effective program designed to bring operations online quickly and efficiently. This method uses web conferencing software provided to you by eCore. This allows eCore trainers to conveniently share their desktop with you and vice versa over a high-speed internet connection. Your trainer will perform training demonstrations using your actual service database. Web training allows you to ask questions and actively participate in all aspects of the training process.

Additional Training Resources

eCore also offers various other training options. A combination of on-site and online training can be developed based on the needs of your operation, or a do-it-yourself tour of our online training tutorials and reference materials is available. Our support phone line is available toll-free during business hours from Monday through Friday to answer any questions that come up along the way.