Software as a Service

With Software as a Service (SaaS) web-based software, eCore delivers enterprise, cutting-edge products, and services without the enterprise cost. Much has been written about the SaaS application delivery model compared to the traditional purchasing of software. Here is a brief summary view of these differences.

Lower initial cost. With eCore supported hosting, clients do not need to buy the underlying hardware infrastructure rather they pay per employee per month. In addition, with eCore’s SaaS, clients typically buy subscriptions and thus pay for use over time. As a result, the initial costs can be far less than buying traditional enterprise software.

Not only are start-up costs lower under this model, but costs, in general, are also predictable. This is one reason for the increase seen in contract terms; clients want to lock in current pricing years into the future.

Reduced risk. Given decades of applications failures and cost overruns, it is not surprising the traditional software model would be challenged by a new one. The traditional model of running the software on site and purchasing perpetual licenses led to huge up-front costs and a high level of risk. It can take years (if ever) before a company achieves a return on investment. With the SaaS model, the up-front costs and risks are reduced substantially, and customers can receive near-term benefits and ROI from their efforts.

Quick implementations. Traditional software implementations are expensive and time-consuming. With SaaS, limited customization and the use of existing infrastructure significantly reduce initial implementation work. As a result, the software can be deployed in weeks instead of months or years.

Minimal IT Support. Because eCore manages the technology, our services require little IT support from customer IT departments.

More-frequent functionality improvements and built-in upgrades. With SaaS, one version (the newest release) typically is used for all subscribers. As a result, customers have access to the most up-to-date software. In addition, with the hosted model, eCore clients automatically have the new version of the software without having to implement and customize it. Because eCore automatically upgrades software for all clients, no decision about whether to upgrade (often at a considerable cost) is necessary.

Security. eCore’s applications are aggressively monitored and designed for high levels of security.