Return on Investment (ROI)

ePro Scheduler is a proven solution for integrated scheduling, time & attendance and payroll in the EMS industry.

ePro Scheduler is the most reasonably priced system in the industry. Pay for what you use with Software as a Service. There is no long-term commitment required. You pay by the month.

Servers and web-based software are hosted at eCore facilities. No in-house maintenance required by
IT staff and no huge capital expenditures for server hardware/software.

Frequent upgrades included at no additional cost.

No annual maintenance fees are required.

ePro Scheduler provides increased client satisfaction by providing a wealth of information and tools for every organization.

ePro Scheduler provides access to every employee, keeping everyone plugged in, and the channels of communication open.

ePro Scheduler allows for the reduction of management hours for scheduling and payroll duties. ePro Scheduler provides tools to greatly minimize overtime such as Best Fit scheduling.

Avoid paying over-qualified employees for lesser qualified shifts by requiring staffing positions to be governed by their qualifications.

Daily reconciliation of integrated scheduling, time & attendance and payroll drastically reduces payroll errors.

ePro Scheduler provides improved attendance recording and accountability with ePro Scheduler web-based time clocks and ePro BioClock Smart Clocks.

The Smart feature of ePro BioClocks checks certifications and does not allow employees with expired certifications to punch in.

Early/late and in/out feedback reduces employee tardiness and can require employees to enter run numbers if they hold over.