ePro Scheduler for Public EMS

As a leading EMS scheduling software provider for over 20 years, ePro Scheduler Plus has helped Public EMS agencies reduce employee overtime, streamline broken payroll processes and save money.

Our services have been tailored to fit the unique scheduling needs within the Public EMS industry. As a public agency, we understand how important it is to get scheduling right the first time. With employees juggling multiple jobs within one station, getting it right the first time ensures processes run smoothly between branches of the company.

Below are a few features we think would best fit your needs:

  • Employee overtime scheduling control
  • Employee profile management with mobile access
  • Live incident reporting
  • Custom vehicle check-sheets
  • Fuel cost tracking with import from Fuelman and similar services
  • Preventative maintenance alerts based on miles and hours
  • Alert Notifications based on certification status requirements

EMS Scheduler Plus Was Made for Public EMS Professionals

ePro Scheduler Plus is a top of the line scheduling solution for Public EMS agencies. If you’re looking for a reliable software solution that will save you time and money, ePro Scheduler is for you. Just because Public EMS agencies work alongside other departments doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the way you schedule employees.