ePro Scheduler for Public EMS

ePro Scheduler Upgrades Public EMS

With over 20 years of service with public EMS agencies, ePro Scheduler Plus has proven itself as an industry leading scheduling program. It reduces employee overtime, streamlines broken payroll, and saves public EMS agencies money.

We have tailored the services to answer the needs required in the public EMS industry. We know how important proper scheduling is with public agencies. Employees perform multiple jobs within a station. If the scheduling isn’t done properly the first time, more time is lost in correcting it. ePro Scheduler Plus ensures it’s right the first time, so inter-branch processes are seamless.

ePro Scheduler Plus provides optimized tools public EMS agencies to get the most out of their efforts. Tools that put the power of scheduling into the hands of the angency:

  • Employee overtime scheduling control
  • Employee profile management with mobile access
  • Live incident reporting
  • Custom vehicle check-sheets
  • Fuel cost tracking with import from Fuelman and similar services
  • Preventative maintenance alerts based on miles and hours
  • Alert Notifications based on certification status requirements

ePro Scheduler Plus Was Made for Public EMS Professionals

For public EMS agencies, ePro Scheduler Plus is a top-of-the-line scheduling solution— it will save you valuable time. In this industry, affecting the bottom line is crucial. That is what makes ePro Scheduler the premier choice for EMS scheduling software. Even though public EMS agencies work with a variety of clients, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of the software that handles employee scheduling. Ecore gives you the tools and solutions to maximize your efforts while minimizing your time spent managing your EMS agency.

ePro Scheduler Plus is the proven solution for any EMS industry, including public EMS. If you need resource management software to keep your agency organized, then start using ePro Scheduler Plus today and improve your company!