ePro Scheduler For Private EMS

ePro Scheduler Plus is built from the ground up by EMS professionals with years of experience in the industry. The platform is designed for private EMS and ambulance agencies of all shapes and sizes. The employee scheduling software functions how your agency needs it to and can do as little or as much as you want. We believe those first responders deserve the best tools available and that includes highly-effective management tools

What Does the Software Do?

Most generic products on the market today do not support the needs of private EMS and ambulance operations. For a rescue group to provide the best quality service available to their communities, they need a way to communicate and stay organized. Every function in ePro Scheduler Plus is designed with your industry in mind, covering all of these aspects and more:

  • Check and Create Schedules
  • Clock In and Out
  • Track Time Off Banks
  • Submit Requests for Time Off and Shift Trades
  • View Dashboards and Documents
  • Send and View messages
  • Track Certifications
  • Track Equipment

We have designed our EMS scheduling software with simple to use features that other scheduling software do not provide. Compared to similar employee management software, it provides the lowest total cost of ownership and is risk free! Running a Private EMS agency is difficult and paramedics, EMTs, wheelchair van drivers, and dispatchers need a reliable solution to their EMS scheduling needs.

ePro Scheduler Plus Was Made For Private EMS Professionals

ePro Scheduler Plus is the industry proven solution for Private EMS and ambulance agencies of all sizes. If you need a resource management software to keep your agency organized, then join these high performance operations and start using ePro Scheduler Plus today!