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Create, Access and Manage Reports from Any Location

Paper incident reporting creates costly administrative time and can cause disruptions in the information flow between management teams. ePro Tracker is an advanced real-time online reporting solution that goes way beyond eliminating the obvious downsides of paper incident reporting.

ePro Tracker saves you time and allows for seamless communication between management teams by giving your employees 24/7/365 access to all your report forms from any location. Create an unlimited number of custom report forms that best fit your specific organization’s needs, from vehicle accidents to equipment failures, to crew conflicts and commendations.

Receive email notifications when reports are submitted. Once a report is submitted you can easily add notes and upload files on the administrative end and a resolution statement goes back to the employee upon closing out the report.

Stay on top of the “big picture” using ePro Tracker’s smart and easy to use dashboards which allow you to monitor and track reports of various types of “incidents”.

Log staff equipment using employee management software

Custom Report Forms

ePro Tracker provides tools for building any number of custom report forms for employees to fill out and submit online.

  • Create unlimited custom forms via drag and drop form builder
  • Save form fields and sections as templates for future use
  • Assign forms to employees and require signatures on specific forms
  • Add private management notes & upload relevant files to reports
Easily report problems through our scheduling program

Report Management

As reports are submitted, the right managers are notified so they can add notes, upload files, ask additional questions of the submitting employee, and even start a case file to tie reports together if needed.

  • Dynamically report on incident data
  • Create custom categories based on form relevance/ topic
  • Group related reports into incident cases
  • Assign reports to specific managers
Employee managment with message acknowledgement

Advanced Tracking, Messaging, and Notification System 

With ePro Tracker, no report falls through the cracks. Email notifications ensure that all reports are being managed and resolved in a timely fashion.

  • Send messages to employees involved in incidents
  • Track all changes made to forms by other staff members
  • Receive email notifications as reports go unmanaged
  • Set permissions to control which reports various groups can access

Advance Your Fleet Management and Maintenance

Having an accurate awareness of how your valuable vehicle hours and resources are spent can be complex and time-consuming. ePro Fleet is your go-to solution for all your fleet and maintenance management needs.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to track your fuel usage and maintenance costs, and automatically keeps track of preventive maintenance schedules based on miles or engine hours. In addition, ePro Fleet offers a suite of smart and meaningful reporting options.

Never miss a PM with ePro Fleet scheduling software

Preventative Maintenance Schedules

With ePro Fleet, you can configure custom preventive maintenance schedules by miles, engine hours or calendar date so you never miss a PM.

ePro Fleet helps you keep up with detailed work tickets

Detailed Work Tickets

Work tickets in ePro Fleet provide all the tools needed to track every aspect of maintenance, from cost info to individual tasks performed and parts used.

Easily report problems through our scheduling program

Problem Reporting

With ePro Fleet, employees can easily report problems from the field. As problem reports are managed, employees are updated and kept in the loop.

Track vehicle costs with ePro scheduler fleet

Track Vehicle Costs

ePro Fleet provides reporting that shows you how much your vehicles are costing to operate down to the mile, giving you an in-depth perspective on your fleet.

Delivering Continuing Education to your employees effectively is a key factor to reduce cost and administrative time.

ePro Con Ed is a cost-effective and flexible web-based continuing education solution that easily adapts to all your organization’s Con Ed needs.

ePro Con Ed lets you create online courses, allowing your employees access whenever it’s convenient for them, without requiring them to attend a class onsite. An intuitive interface makes it easy to create online courses, upload media and create multiple choice tests.

In addition, ePro Con Ed offers a full suite of certification management: Track credit hours, and certifications. Automated email notifications to employees and managers as critical certifications expire. Generate printable, easy to create certificates for employees with your company logo.

ePro ConEd Features:

  • Track enrollment & attendance for classroom courses
  • Upload content & create online tests
  • Employees access online media and enroll for classes
  • Detailed reporting on credit hours per employee
  • Track certifications & expiration dates
  • Nightly reports to managers & employees as certifications expire


Manage Continuing Ed on Your Terms

ePro is great for employee management

Online Classes & Courses

ePro ConEd provides tools for uploading your own content and creating a test for employees to view and take online, or creating a classroom event to track attendance and pass-fail status.

Provides detailed reporting for credit hours

Track Credit Hours

ePro ConEd provides detailed reporting on all credit hours related to online and classroom courses.

ePro ConEd is cost effective scheduling software.

Generate & Print Certificates

Whether it’s an online course or a classroom course, ePro ConEd generates certificates with your company’s logo for passing employees.

eCore Software supports time and attendance recording using the latest biometric fingerprint scanning technology.

ePro BioClocks provide an affordable time and attendance solution for any operation Our unique design allows you to install a BioClock at any location and synchronize it to your ePro Scheduler. Live updates provide automatic synchronization to the server. If a live connection is unavailable, BioClocks can be configured to work offline using background updates to provide automatic synchronization. Every time an employee fingerprint is scanned, the ePro BioClock checks the employee’s schedule and certification status. When employees clock in or out too early or too late for a scheduled shift they are required to provide a reason before they can punch in or out. If certifications are expired, employees can also be restricted from clocking in for a scheduled shift.

  • Encourage timely attendance with mandatory comments
  • Eliminate fines for employees with expired certifications
  • Punch in/out data is immediately available in ePro Scheduler
  • BioClocks also work great standalone for small businesses

ePro BioClocks are easily configured from the web with ePro Scheduler. Define early/late thresholds, or decide to prohibit early clock-ins. Decide whether to enforce certifications or force comments to the scheduler. Synching attendance to a central location for big picture attendance management can be increasingly expensive. The combination of ePro Scheduler and ePro BioClocks make this an affordable option for any organization When enrolling an employee, fingerprint scans are uploaded to the central ePro Scheduler database and synched to each BioClock in the BioNet. Employees can punch in and out at any remote location. Through state-of-the-art technology, ePro BioClocks integrated with ePro Scheduler provide the most cost-effective scheduling and time & attendance system on the market.

Attendance Recording & Employee Enrollment

To clock in or out, employees simply enter their ePro Scheduler usernames or employee ID numbers, then place a finger on the fingerprint scanner. If their fingerprint match is found in the database, they can clock in or out.

  • Completely eliminate buddy punching
  • Eliminate employee badges and barcodes
  • Now features two fingerprint scans

Enroll employees by scanning their fingerprints into the ePro BioClock system. Once they are enrolled, they can use ePro BioClocks to clock in and out. Synchronizing the fingerprint records to ePro Scheduler makes them available to any ePro BioClock installed at remote locations in the field.