ePro Scheduler for Municipal EMS

ePro Scheduler Understands the Needs of Municipal EMS Agencies

It takes a tremendous amount of effort to manage a city. Individuals who reside there depend on their municipality to provide the necessary services and protection for them to live their lives. In the event of emergencies, cities need to be ready. ePro Scheduler for municipal EMS agencies gives you the control and flexibility to handle any situation immediately and efficiently.

Our in-depth features will give you the tools needed to effectively generate and distribute employee schedules. Whether you are part of a stand-alone service or under a contractual third-party agreement, ePro Scheduler provides you with what you need to keep your independent municipal EMS agency running smoothly.

Why make the switch to ePro Scheduler for your Municipal EMS Agency?

ePro Scheduler for municipal EMS agencies has been designed with easy to use features that other scheduling software do not provide. Compared to similar employee management software, ePro Scheduler is a software with one of the lowest total cost of ownership. This lowered investment does not take away from the service provided. Our 24/7 support will keep your agency running smoothly, ready to respond at a moments notice.

Below are the features we have perfected to keep your organization on track:

  • Employee calendar management
  • Employee profile management
  • Detailed maintenance reporting
  • Fleet management and maintenance tickets
  • Restricted web-based time clocks
  • Certification tracking with email alerts
  • Employee message center with email/text messaging
  • Document library with unlimited storage
  • Permission based work groups

Managing employee schedules and fleet maintenance can be overwhelming and time consuming. It does not have to be that way with ePro Scheduler. Our mission is to provide Municipal EMS agencies and Third-Party EMS agencies the tools the need to run their own crews effectively. If you are looking to make a difference in your town, try ePro Scheduler Free today!