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ePro Scheduler is an extremely flexible and scalable web-based employee scheduling software solution that makes scheduling easy, intuitive and cost-effective.  With a wide range of options and settings, ePro Scheduler Plus becomes a fine-tuned EMS scheduling machine addressing your specific needs.  It is ideal for public service organizations like EMS operations, fire and police departments, 911 dispatch agencies and hospitals.

ePro scheduler is the reliable, industry proven workhorse of the ePro family of products and provides your organization with the highest level of user-friendliness, reliability and peace of mind for all your staff needs.

  • Improve efficiency and save money
  • Minimize Overtime with Best Fit scheduling
  • Improve attendance recording with biometric time clocks
  • Eliminate costly manual payroll errors
  • Pay for what you use with SaaS pricing
  • No in-house costs for maintaining computers
  • No annual software maintenance fees
  • Free upgrades
  • No capital expenditures for hardware and software
  • Robust certification management to stay
  • Communications tools provide an informed staff with messaging, email and texting.
Never miss a PM with ePro Fleet scheduling software

Automated Employee Scheduling

ePro Scheduler makes employee scheduling easy, intuitive and cost-effective. Automatically generate and populate schedules, easily manage sick calls, fill open shifts, manage time off, swap and shifts bids and more from anywhere, all online.

Scheduling software provided by eCore Software Inc

Immediate Employee Scheduling Responses

With the Direct Response feature in ePro Scheduler, employees can respond to a notice regarding a new open shift right from a text message or email without ever having to log in, quickly notifying managers of who wants to work the open shift.

Employee management software makes every day process run smoothly

Best Fit Shift Scheduling Window

The Best Fit Window allows you to fill a shift with the most qualified and cost-effective employee. You can filter by hours worked/scheduled, seniority, full time or part time, and more!

All exception data is kept in one place

Employee Overtime Scheduling Control

Scheduling and timekeeping tools through ePro Scheduler are geared up toward keeping overtime costs at a minimum. Planned vs. Actual reporting provides real-time perspective on weekly hours so that you can make prudent decisions fast.

eCore provides top of the line staff scheduling software

Employee Scheduling Availability

Employees can submit and view their weekly and monthly availability right from their smartphone, tablet, or computer allowing managers to quickly contact and schedule available employees.

eCore uses web based software

Quick Open Shift Bidding

With ePro Scheduler, managers are able to quickly blast out notifications regarding open shifts for employees to request to work. Employees are presented with a list of open shifts up for bid right upon login.

Cloud based software makes for easy yet secure use

Simple Employee Shift Trade System

Empower employees to take responsibility for finding and managing shift trades. Allow your team to collaborate with one another to ensure full shift coverage across your entire staff schedule.

Employee Timeoff or Vacation Requests

Whether at a computer or on the go, employees and managers have access to request and manage timeoff. ePro Scheduler even keeps timeoff banks from going negative!

Employee management is much easier using our scheduling software

Shift Scheduling Wizard

Need to make changes across the entire schedule? Our Schedule Wizard allows you to make sweeping changes to schedules with one click. You can change start and end times, rotations, and much more.

Log staff equipment using employee management software

Student Ride-along Scheduling

ePro Scheduler includes a student scheduling module where student profiles are created, students are scheduled, and everyone is kept in the loop in regard to ride-alongs.

Time & Attendance

Time and attendance software in ePro Scheduler Plus provide accountability, payroll accuracy, and cost savings for your agency. As employees clock in or out early or late, ePro Scheduler’s online time clock captures critical feedback from employees. All exception data, including scheduled time, time clock info, and comments from both employees and managers, are tied together in one place making reconciliation quick and easy. See details below…

ePro Scheduler Plus provides online time-clocks

Online Time-Clocks

ePro Scheduler Plus provides an online time-clock that only appears on the devices you designate, either by IP address or MAC address filtering. As employees clock in or out, early or late, feedback is requested for easy exception reconciliation. Employees are even restricted from clocking in altogether if they have critical expired certifications.

ePro Scheduler automated scheduling software

ePro BioClock

Need an extra layer of security around clocking in and out? The ePro BioClock is an optional biometric time-clock solution, employing a USB fingerprint scanner and an internet connected Windows application. The ePro BioClock is the perfect way to prevent buddy-punching.

Automated scheduling software keeps track of attendance

Tardy & Absence Tracking

Employees showing up late or not at all? ePro Scheduler includes a points based tardy and absence tracking system where employees are warned and managers are notified when disciplinary action is due.

All exception data is kept in one place

Exception Reconciliation

All exception data, including scheduled time, time clock info, and comments from both employees and managers are tied together in one place making reconciliation quick and easy.

Managing timecards with ePro scheduling software program is easy

Timecard Management

Employees and managers alike review and sign-off on time cards ensuring accuracy before checks are cut and distributed.

Our scheduling software even includes payroll reports

Payroll Output

With ePro Scheduler Plus, you can quickly run a standard payroll report or generate a payroll import file for over thirty different payroll applications such as ADP, PayChex or QuickBooks. Want to know if your payroll software is supported? Just ask!

Managing timeoff in ePro Scheduler is a breeze

Time-off Bank Automation 

Managing vacation, sick, PTO and other time-off banks in ePro Scheduler Plus is a breeze. As time-off is approved and documented in ePro Scheduler Plus, time-off banks are adjusted accordingly. When payroll is closed out, time-off is also accrued based on a variety of rules set by you.

ePro Scheduler Plus automates holiday pay policies

Holiday Pay Management

ePro Scheduler Plus automates a variety of holiday pay policies. Need a custom policy? Our holiday software provides common policies but also includes tools to configure a custom policy from the ground up.

Time and attendance tools in ePro Scheduler Plus

Differential Pay/Special Rates

ePro Scheduler Plus offers advanced payroll functions for differentials and special rates. Need to pay employees extra for specific days and time, or certain job roles? No problem!

Keeping accurate records of certifications and licenses is vital to any agency, and with ePro Scheduler Plus, nothing falls through the cracks. ePro Scheduler Plus is fully integrated with scheduling and timekeeping tools but also employee certification tracking software to help ensure that only employees with up-to-date credentials are out in the field, keeping your agency safe from costly fines and penalties. See details below…

ePro ConEd is cost effective scheduling software.

Certification Requirements Hierarchy

ePro Scheduler gives you tools to build a custom list of certifications and licenses for employee certification tracking. Certifications can then be tied directly to job positions on the schedule to ensure that only truly qualified employees are working on any given day!

ePro Scheduler will notify you if an employee has an expired critical certification

Employee Shift Scheduling Validation

Having employees in the field with expired credentials or certifications can lead to costly fines and penalties. If an employee has an expired critical certification, ePro Scheduler’s employee certification tracking software will not allow the employee to work.

Certifcation tracking makes workforce management easy

Certification Tracking Expiration Warnings

If an employee is in the field with expired certifications or credentials the business can be charged costly fines and penalties. An employee with an expired critical certification will not be allowed to work by ePro Scheduler’s certification tracking software.

Cloud based employee management

Employee Certificate Submission

Employees can take photos of new certifications with their smartphones and submit them along with expiration dates, and upon approval by management, records are instantly updated.

The documentation database allows you to You can upload an unlimited number of images and/or PDFs

Certification Documentation Database

You can upload an unlimited number of images and/or PDFs of certifications directly to employee profiles, so they can easily be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

ePro Scheduler provides certification tracking

Certification Import

Need to import certification records from another source? ePro Scheduler Plus’ certification tracking software includes a certification import tool for quick and easy updates to certification records with one click.

The business calendar in ePro Scheduler Plus takes you beyond employee scheduling for creating ad hoc or recurring items for meetings, continuing education opportunities, tasks and more. Need certain calendar items to only be visible to specific people in your organization? No problem. Need calendars to sync with multiple devices and third-party calendar tools? ePro Scheduler Plus does that too. See details below…

Meeting & Event Calendar

ePro Scheduler allows managers and employees to create ad hoc or recurring items for meetings, training opportunities, tasks, and more! Calendar items show up for employees along with scheduled shifts on the dashboard and can be synced to a variety of devices.

Personal task calendar for your scheduling software

Personal Task Calendar

Your employee can also easily create personal calendar items for anything from reminders to wash their uniforms to completing a checklist or turning in paperwork.

Calendar remnders are just another feature of the ePro Scheduler

Calendar Sync for Reminders or Events

ePro Scheduler syncs with personal calendars (Outlook, Google, Apple,Yahoo, Exchange) to allow employees to receive shift reminders and/or agency events and meetings without needing to log into the EPS database.

Employee scheduling is easier when employee contact info and other related data is up to date and accurate. ePro Scheduler Plus provides a detailed employee management tool for tracking a wide range of information on employees, from basic contact info, documents, certification records, issued equipment, hire dates, and more. Need a way to import data or have data automatically sync with another system? No problem. See details below!

Track employee information with employee management software

Employee Info Tracking

ePro Scheduler Plus provides tools for tracking a variety of data on employees, from basic demographic info, to hire dates, qualifications, certifications, special rates and more.

Employee management software allows you to update employee information

Employee Information Update Submissions

When an employee’s information changes, they can simply submit a request to update any information. Once the manager approves the request, the change is automatically updated!

ePro Scheduler Plus allows you to build dynamic reports

Dynamic Employee Reporting

With ePro Scheduler Plus, you can build an unlimited number of dynamic reports related to employee data!

eCore Software- staff scheduling software

Employee Profile Customization

Need to track additional information beyond the standard fields in ePro Scheduler Plus? With the employee profile tool, you can create an unlimited number of custom fields.

Employee management is much easier with eCore's scheduling software

Staff Equipment Logging

Do you need to track which employee has specific equipment? We have you covered! You can manage and assign different pieces of equipment to employees.

eCore Software- employee management software

Employee Document Database

Besides storing certifications, you can store an unlimited number of documents to employee profile from hiring documents to training videos.

Cloud based employee management

Employee Information Data Import

ePro Scheduler Plus includes an employee data import tool for easily importing a variety of employee information.

ePro Scheduler Plus takes your organization’s internal communications to the next level. Sending out messages and receiving confirmation of receipt has never been easier. Need to get important information out fast? ePro Scheduler Plus is the right tools for the job! See details below…

Message individual employees with our scheduling software

Workspace Messaging Center

The message center serves as a communication hub for managers and employees. You have the ability to message individual employees or groups of employees. There is also an option to attach important documents to messages!

Unlimited custom message groups with ePro Scheduler Plus

Custom Employee Messaging Groups

With ePro Scheduler Plus, you can build unlimited custom message groups within the message center!

The certification tracking feature is extremely useful

Required Acknowledgement for Messages

If an important message is sent to the team, ePro Scheduler has the option to require acknowledgment. Employees will not be able to view anything in the system until they acknowledge the message. Managers will receive a report tracking acknowledgments.

ePro Scheduler makes it easy to create multiple dashboards

Cloud-Based Document Management

Create unlimited folders and upload unlimited files in the ePro Scheduler Plus Document Library. Make folders accessible to only managers, or to all users.

In a fast paced environment, nothing is more important than having the right data at your fingertips. With ePro Scheduler Plus, the dynamic dashboard design is intuitive and easy. Dashboard widgets not only displays important data in a beautiful way, they also provide quick navigation to the most used features in ePro Scheduler Plus, such as EMS scheduling or the online time clock. See details below…

All exception data is kept in one place

Customized Dashboard Widgets

A variety of widgets are available from visual representations of employee scheduling and timekeeping data for managers to notifications, mailbox and shift bidding widgets for field employees.

Cloud based software allows for excellent document management

Multiple User Dashboards

With ePro Scheduler Plus, you design a dynamic dashboard that best fit your needs. Want multiple dashboards for certain users? Not a problem. Our tabbed dashboard option makes it easy to create multiple dashboards for any number of users.

Dashboards in ePro Scheduler Plus allow for quick navigation

Quick Button Navigation

Dynamic dashboards in ePro Scheduler Plus do more than display key data – they serve as a mobile responsive launch pad for quick navigation to all the most commonly accessed tools in ePro Scheduler Plus.

ePro Scheduler Plus works great on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones with a responsive design that resizes to fit your device. Whether at a computer or on the go, employees and managers have access to see employee schedules, review the online time clock, view messages and documents, request and manage time off and shift trades, submit and view availability, bid for and approve open shifts, and more with ePro Scheduler Plus. See details below…

Workforce management made easy by mobile access

Mobile Optimized

A responsive design means no downloads and no having to keep an app up to date. And best of all, unlike a phone app, you know the data you and your employees are accessing is always current and accurate.

A variety of out-of-the-box and dynamic reporting options are available in ePro Scheduler Plus. From scheduling, to timekeeping and payroll information, to employee data and more, our EMS reporting software is intuitive and easy. See details below…

eCore HR management software is extremely helpful with reporting

Schedule Reports

From Schedule Overview reports to Shift Swaps reports, ePro Scheduler has it all in our reporting software!

eCore Software document database

Timekeeping Report

ePro Scheduler Plus has everything from Daily Time & Attendance reports to Employee Punches by Date reports pulled from our online time clock function.

Scheduling software allows you to run payroll reports

Payroll Reports

A payroll report range from Weekly Closeout reports to Earning Code Summaries and everything between!

All reports are exportable to PDF and Excel

Excel/PDF Export

All reports are exportable to PDF and Excel form for further manipulation!

ePro Scheduler Plus is an incredibly flexible software providing a variety of security and access options to best fit your needs. Not only can you build an unlimited number of permission schemes, you can also control what datasets appear for a particular user when accessing various tools. ePro Enterprise and Work Group filtering take it to the next level for large organizations to ensure the right people have the right access. See details below…

ePro Schedule makes staff scheduling so much easier!

Manager & Employee User Groups

With the user group tool, you pick and choose what each employee or manager is able to access, ensuring the right people have the right tools to do their job!

Our staff scheduling software has levels of access

Work Group Access & Filters

Work group filtering is perfect for medium to large agencies that want to restrict employees and managers to only see certain sections of the larger schedule.

ePro Scheduler document database

ePro Enterprise

If you have different managers creating employee schedules for different groups, ePro Enterprise is the tool for you! Managers can create and publish schedules for separate groups of employees at different times.

Scheduling software allows you to track transaction history

Transaction History & Audit Trails

Need to know what happened, when it happened, and who did it? Every transaction is logged, date/time stamped, and readily available in ePro Scheduler Plus via the online time clock.

In today’s technologically advanced world, there’s no reason for employees not to have current and accurate information right at their fingertips. ePro Scheduler Plus provides quick and easy access to schedule information, messages, request tools, certification info and more via a mobile-optimized interface accessible from any device with a modern web browser and internet connection. See details below…

Employee management sysem gives access to employees

Employee Access

With ePro Scheduler Plus, every employee has access to critical information such as schedules, messages, certification info and more.

Employee management software provides an employee dashboard

Employee Dashboard

You can choose from numerous widgets to add to your employee’s dashboard, which offers quick navigation to the most commonly accessed tools.

Our scheduling software program gives every employee access to critical information

Requests and Submissions

Self Service is the place where your employees can swap shifts, giveaway shifts, pick up shifts, and submit availability and more.

Included in the base cost of ePro Scheduler Plus is our unrivaled client service via phone, email, and ticketing system – all in-house, never outsourced. Need additional training down the road? No problem. Need some one-on-one time with an ePro Scheduler Plus consultant? No problem. We are here to help you with our employee scheduling software! See details below…

eCore Software provides 24/7 customer support

Available 24 / 7 / 365

Need help with ePro Scheduler’s employee scheduling systems? We are available by phone Monday through Friday from 8- 5 pm CST, but you can also submit a ticket at any time. If you have an immediate issue, you can submit an urgent ticket and will receive immediate help.

Track employee information with employee management software

Ongoing Software Training

Want to learn about new features or need a brush-up training session? You can schedule a training session at no additional cost!