ePro Scheduler for Hospital-Based EMS

ePro Scheduler for Hospital Based EMS

Many hospital-based EMS agencies agree that crew scheduling software falls short of its task. ePro Scheduler is an employee scheduling software built specifically today’s EMS agencies. Hospital-based EMS agencies have a tremendous opportunity to benefit by using ePro EMS Scheduling software. With solutions for scheduling, overtime, and reporting, eCore software provides custom solutions for each your administrative and logistical needs.

ePro Scheduler makes it simple to manage small to large operations. This software gives hospital-based EMS companies the needed fluidity to oversee complex set-ups.

What Does the Software Do?

The unique needs of large hospital-based EMS agencies are difficult to meet. Because of this, most generic products on the market do not support hospital-based EMS. Filling shifts at the last minute and staying on top of overtime are top priorities for a hospital-based EMS operation. By meeting these priorities, hospital-based EMS operations can provide the best service to their communities. Every function in ePro Scheduler Plus is designed with the hospital-based EMS sector in mind. ePro provides solutions for these aspects and more:

  • Interface to HR management systems such as Kronos, ASP, and Peoplesoft
  • Mobile access- Give your workforce ease of use management functions on the go
  • Ensure certifications are updated and tracked accurately
  • Implement scheduling rules to monitor crews working shifts back-to-back
  • Easily page out an open shift to qualified employees

Our EMS scheduling software is designed with user-friendly features lacking in other scheduling software. Compared to similar employee management software, ePro Scheduler is the most budget-friendly. It’s also risk-free! Running a hospital-based EMS agency is difficult; paramedics, EMT’s, and dispatch need a reliable solution for their EMS scheduling.

ePro Scheduler Plus Was Made for EMS Professionals in Hospital-Based EMS Agencies.

ePro Scheduler Plus is the proven solution for hospital-based EMS groups. If you need a resource management software to keep your agency organized, then start using ePro Scheduler Plus today and improve your organization!