ePro Scheduler for Fire & Rescue

Our software engineers design each of our products with the needs of those using them in mind. ePro Scheduler Plus has been in use by fire departments since its inception back in 2002 and continues to be an industry standard crew scheduling software. We continually make improvements to the EMS software based on input we receive from firemen and other industry professionals. We guarantee our management system will be the best you have ever used!


What Does ePro Scheduler Do?

The men and women who go to work every day knowing that at any moment they could be called to a dangerous fire. At eCore Software, we do our best to give firefighters the best tools available to make their day to day lives easier so they can focus on doing what they do best- saving lives. The ePro Scheduler features several important functions:

  • Check and Manage Schedules
  • Track Time Off Bank
  • Submit Time Off Requests
  • Submit Shift Trades
  • View Dashboards and Documents 
  • Send and View Messages
  • Check Out Equipment
  • Create Separate Schedules for Each Station

Most departments have similar needs when it comes to online schedule management. The scheduling software needs to be easy to use, cost-effective, and it has to handle 24-hour shifts and various common work rotations. ePro Scheduler Plus does all this and more, including overtime assignment tracking, vacation tracking, and even time card management. Let us redefine your definition of EMS software.


Effective Workforce Management System

We understand that our customers with just a few people on schedule rotation are going to use our staff scheduler differently than a customer with several hundred people to schedule. ePro Scheduler Plus is an industry proven employee scheduling solution for fire departments that need an easy to use management software. No matter how large or small your fire station is, our software was made to function for any size station.

eCore Software is Your Scheduling Solution

Our customers are important to us. The jobs they do are even more important to the function of our society. We take pride in providing a quality product to the brave men and women who serve our communities. If you’re looking for a scheduling software for your fire department, consider ePro Scheduler Plus. Contact us today for more information or to sign up!