ePro Scheduler

Employee Management

Employee scheduling is easier when employee contact info and other related data is up to date and accurate. ePro Scheduler Plus provides a detailed employee management tool for tracking a wide range of information on employees, from basic contact info, documents, certification records, issued equipment, hire dates, and more. Need a way to import data or have data automatically sync with another system? No problem. See details below…

eCore Software ePro Scheduler Plus

Employee Info Tracking

ePro Scheduler Plus provides tools for tracking a variety of data on employees, from basic demographic info, to hire dates, qualifications, certifications, special rates and more.

Employee Information Update Submissions

When an employee’s information changes, they can simply submit a request to update any information. Once the manager approves the request, the change is automatically updated!

Dynamic Employee Reporting

With ePro Scheduler Plus, you can build an unlimited number of dynamic reports related to employee data!

Employee Profile Customization

Need to track additional information beyond the standard fields in ePro Scheduler Plus? With the employee profile tool, you can create an unlimited number of custom fields.

Staff Equipment Logging

Do you need to track which employee has specific equipment? We have you covered! You can manage and assign different pieces equipment to employees.

Employee Document Database

Besides storing certifications, you can store unlimited number of documents to employee profile from hiring documents to training videos.

Employee Information Data Import

ePro Scheduler Plus includes an employee data import tool for easily importing a variety of employee information.