Certification Tracking

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Keeping accurate records of certifications and licenses is vital to any agency, and with ePro Scheduler Plus, nothing falls through the cracks. ePro Scheduler Plus is fully integrated with scheduling and timekeeping tools but also employee certification tracking software to help ensure that only employees with up-to-date credentials are out in the field, keeping your agency safe from costly fines and penalties. See details below…

Certification Requirements Hierarchy

ePro Scheduler gives you tools to build a custom list of certifications and licenses for employee certification tracking. Certifications can then be tied directly to job positions on the schedule to ensure that only truly qualified employees are working on any given day!

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Employee Shift Scheduling Validation

Having employees in the field with expired credentials or certifications can lead to costly fines and penalties. If an employee has an expired critical certification, ePro Scheduler’s employee certification tracking software will not allow the employee to work.

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Certification Tracking Expiration Warnings

If an employee is in the field with expired certifications or credentials the business can be charged costly fines and penalties. An employee with an expired critical certification will not be allowed to work by ePro Scheduler’s certification tracking software.

Certification Tracking Expiration Warnings

Employee Certificate Submission

Employees can take photos of new certifications with their smartphones and submit them along with expiration dates, and upon approval by management, records are instantly updated.

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Certification Documentation Database

You can upload an unlimited number of images and/or PDFs of certifications directly to employee profiles, so they can easily be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

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Certification Import

Need to import certification records from another source? ePro Scheduler Plus’ certification tracking software includes a certification import tool for quick and easy updates to certification records with one click.

Certification Import Feature Using EMS Schedule