ePro Scheduler

Advanced Communication

ePro Scheduler Plus takes your organization’s internal communications to the next level. Sending out messages and receiving confirmation of receipt has never been easier. Need to get important information out fast? ePro Scheduler Plus is the right tools for the job! See details below…

eCore Software ePro Scheduler Plus

Workspace Messaging Center

The message center serves as a communication hub for managers and employees. You have the ability to message individual employees or groups of employees. There is also an option to attach important documents to messages!

Custom Employee Messaging Groups

With ePro Scheduler Plus, you can build unlimited custom message groups within the message center!

Required Acknowledgement for Messages

If an important message is sent to the team, ePro Scheduler has the option to require acknowledgement. Employees will not be able to view anything in the system until they acknowledge the message. Managers will receive a report tracking acknowledgments.

Cloud-Based Document Management

Create unlimited folders and upload unlimited files in the ePro Scheduler Plus Document Library. Make folders accessible to only managers, or to all users.