Access Levels

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ePro Scheduler Plus is an incredibly flexible software providing a variety of security and access options to best fit your needs. Not only can you build an unlimited number of permission schemes, you can also control what data sets appear for a particular user when accessing various tools. ePro Enterprise and Work Group filtering take it to the next level for large organizations to ensure the right people have the right access. See details below…

Manager & Employee User Groups

With the user group tool, you pick and choose what each employee or manager is able to access, ensuring the right people have the right tools to do their job!

ePro Scheduler Plus ensures the right tools for the job

Workgroup Access &Filters

Work group filtering is perfect for medium to large agencies that want to restrict employees and managers to only see certain sections of the larger schedule.

ePro Scheduler Plus is an incredibly flexible product

ePro Enterprise

If you have different managers creating employee schedules for different groups, ePro Enterprise is the tool for you! Managers can create and publish schedules for separate groups of employees at different times.

ePro Enterprise is great for different managers creating schedules for different groups.

Transaction History & Audit Trails

Need to know what happened, when it happened, and who did it? Every transaction is logged, date/time stamped, and readily available in ePro Scheduler Plus via the online time clock.

ePro Scheduler Plus logs, dates, and times each transaction.