ePro Scheduler for 911 Dispatch

At eCore Software, we aim to create the best software on the market to assist our first responder customers with their day to day jobs. Their service to our communities is something that we are thankful for and we recognized the need for a great resource management software in that industry. We built the ePro Scheduler to specifically meet the needs of 911 dispatchers.

While performing an important job, dispatch and 911 call centers need a law enforcement scheduling software that can help with the administrative duties, so employees can focus on the emergency situations they encounter on a daily basis. Dispatch and 911 call centers across the country are using ePro Scheduler to automate scheduling and timekeeping for Dispatchers, Call Takers, Supervisors, Administrative Staff, and more.


Scheduling Software for Dispatch and 911 Centers

We have relied on the input and expertise of dispatchers in the industry to create a comprehensive scheduling software that functions the way professionals like you need it to. We believe that a dispatcher is only as good as the tools he or she is provided with. If you want your agency to run smoother and increase productivity, then you need a tool that can make that happen. ePro Scheduler is able to:

Our robust workforce management software is a great solution to all of your scheduling and administrative needs. You do not have to sweat the small stuff, our software takes care of that for you. All you have to do is focus on what you are already good at- saving lives.


Let eCore Software Take Care of You

Dispatchers, rescue works, and other professionals spend their days caring for the people in their community. At eCore Software, we would appreciate the chance to return the favor and take care of all your needs. Whether you need a scheduling software for fire, rescue, or dispatch, we are there for you. Join dispatch  and 911 agencies across the U.S. and sign up for ePro Scheduler today!