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ePro Scheduler Plus DOWNLOAD

ePro Scheduler Plus is an industry-proven online employee scheduling and timekeeping solution. Download the ePro Scheduler Plus Brochure to print or email to a friend or colleague.

ePro Bio Clock DOWNLOAD

ePro BioClock is a biometric timekeeping solution that fully integrates with ePro Scheduler Plus. Download the brochure for more information.

ePro Tracker DOWNLOAD

ePro Tracker is a robust incident tracking and forms management solution that fully integrates with ePro Scheduler Plus. Download the brochure to learn more.


ePro Fleet is a complete fleet management solution that fully integrates with ePro Scheduler Plus. Download the brochure for more information.


ePro Con Ed is an integrated continuing education platform designed to deliver content and tests to employees. Download the brochure to learn more.



McCandless-Franklin Park Ambulance Authority- Ingomar, PA
At MFPAA, we used a manual time clock and Excel spreadsheets with manual entry for scheduling and timekeeping, before we started using ePro Scheduler. This method was inefficient and impractical to continue any longer. We wanted to find a more efficient option that was also less labor and time intensive for all of our scheduling duties.

Cherry Hill FD Case Study DOWNLOAD

Cherry Hill FD- Cherry Hill, NJ
Some time ago, Cherry Hill Fire's scheduling was done on excel spreadsheets and paper, which were sent out each month by email with updates manually entered as necessary. Time keeping was tracked on a paper sign-in sheet and was collected on a weekly basis. We needed a product that would produce real-time scheduling and up-to-date schedule information for our employees.

Nyack Case Study DOWNLOAD

Nyack Community Ambulance Corps- Nyack, NY
Nyack EMS has been using ePro Scheduler since 2009. We previously used a non-industry specific scheduling software program, but it had no timekeeping capabilities. We wanted more controls built into our scheduling processes without having the added risk of field employee schedule conflicts.

Fauquier Fire Case Study DOWNLOAD

Fauquier Fire Rescue- Warrenton, VA
Fauquier County Fire Rescue previously used Excel spreadsheets for scheduling and another online EMS scheduling system for basic timekeeping and incident tracking. As we grew, our schedule became more complicated and we needed to look for a new solution to handle the increasing needs of our organization. We needed a platform that could accommodate our growth and would continue to grow along with us moving forward.

Life EMS Case Study DOWNLOAD

Life EMS- Grand Rapids, Michigan
Life EMS previously used an online time clock and scheduling software program through their payroll vendor, which wasn’t able to manage and process 24-hour shifts. When ePro Scheduler was introduced and deployed in 2008, Life EMS made the switch.

Heartland Ambulance Service DOWNLOAD

Heartland Ambulance Service- Muncie, Indianapolis
Prior to ePro Scheduler, Heartland Ambulance Service used two separate platforms for scheduling and timekeeping, requiring them to manually import data to their payroll software. Finalizing payroll would take over three hours to complete from start to finish. Once ePro Scheduler was implemented, Heartland was able to streamline their once broken payroll processes.


SeniorCare EMS - Bronx, New York
Prior to ePro Scheduler, Senior Care EMS used an alternate EMS based scheduling software provider that did not permit last minute shift adjustments once the schedule became live. With ePro Scheduler, Ross can make adjustments to individual shifts without altering the shift schedule.

Mobile Medical Response DOWNLOAD

Mobile Medical Response - Saginaw, Michigan
Prior to ePro Scheduler, MMR used a generic scheduling solution that could not provide them with EMS specific scheduling features or extended accessibility for employees to view their upcoming shifts. As the number of employees increased, so did the need for a more robust EMS based platform.