How Workforce Management Online Platforms
Can Help Mend the Hospital-EMS Relationship

Over the last decade, relations between operations and clinical interests have become a resounding problem. With both parties having opposite interests with the way care is administered to patients, merging the two has become a conflict of whose input is more important.

So… is there a way to decrease the friction between the two industries by coming to a scheduling software conclusion? Can moving your workforce management online help the two sides make amends?


Hospital Scheduling vs. Emergency Medical Scheduling

If you’re currently working or have worked with a hospital-based EMS agency, chances are you understand the stark differences between hospital scheduling needs and emergency medical services scheduling needs.

Even though the two industries work in tandem, their scheduling needs couldn’t be further apart. As the relationship continues to stretch and expectations are left unmet, there seems to be no hope in sight for mending the two parties. Finding a streamlined workforce management online platform that both hospital and EMS industries can utilize hasn’t been established quite yet, resulting in a battle to find which scheduling platform will work for both services.

Since the hospital ultimately has the final say in scheduling software, the EMS workers needs often go unmet. The EMS industry operates unlike any other industry, so their scheduling needs are very specific. Creating shifts for multiple employees with staggered start times and different qualification standards for each position can become a taxing process to uphold without the right tools.

There is nothing wrong with hospitals getting the proper tools they need to keep patient care operating at the highest standard, but there’s a way to mend the broken relationship. By using the right workforce management online platform, both sides can be satisfied and work more efficiently.


How Can They Coexist?

With both parties handling different pain points on a daily basis, finding one platform that will meet the needs of both is nearly impossible. Hospitals rely on a fast-paced patient records exchange that can provide patient health history and current complications upon arrival to the hospital, giving them the ability to notify doctors and nurses if their services are needed. On the other hand, the emergency medical services field requires something completely different. EMS teams are expected to stay fully staffed and operating at all times, 24-7.

Luckily, there is a way to merge the needs of both hospital and EMS. Since both parties rely on some form of workforce management online platform, finding a way to mend the two platforms could lay the scheduling battle to rest.

As the EMS scheduling software industry continues to advance, finding platforms that interface with other scheduling systems is the key to success. Having the ability to coexist with hospital regulations can change the way the two sides interact. Finding a workforce management online platform that will keep both sides happy is easier to find than you think, and will allow emergency medical agencies to keep their scheduling requirements while working and administering the best possible care in a timely manner at the scene of an accident.


ePro Scheduler Integration Capabilities

If the battle to find a workforce management online platform that satisfies both sides sounds all too familiar, it’s time to take another look at ePro Scheduler. We give EMS agencies across the country the freedom to work closely with hospitals while keeping their scheduling standards in place.

If you’re looking for ways to meet in the middle with your current business relationships, ePro Scheduler is for you! Keep your shifts schedules in tact and your systems running smoothly with the ability to integrate with ePro Scheduler.

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