Vehicle Maintenance – Staying On Schedule

Fire Truck

An ongoing challenge faced by EMS, Fire and Police agencies is the maintenance of fleet. We often encounter agencies using anything from paper, Excel, or a basic calendar application for tracking preventive maintenance schedules, but these methods often lead to critical maintenance items falling through the cracks. That’s why we developed ePro Fleet, ePro Scheduler’s vehicle maintenance component.

ePro Fleet can be used with ePro Scheduler, or as a stand alone application. The real benefit comes in where you can set your own custom preventive maintenance alerts by mileage or engine hours, and as crews report daily mileage online via ePro Scheduler Plus, alerts are triggered for the maintenance staff. ePro Fleet can even be configured to automatically pull in mileage from a report being written by your CAD system so that the entire process is automated.

Crews can also report problems from the field as they arise triggering email and text message notifications to the appropriate managers. As work tickets are created from problem reports, or preventive maintenance alerts, costs, tasks and time are tracked, and tickets becomes searchable by date-span. You can even run reports down to the mile to see how much any vehicle is costing you to operate.

Why try and keep up with your maintenance schedules manually when there is a system that can alert you, and is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection? Get a demo of ePro Fleet today!