Utilizing a Time and Attendance Point System in EMS Software

Learning how to effectively communicate expectations with an employee can be difficult for managers. Without established communication channels within an organization, everyone suffers. Luckily, there is an EMS software designed to address this issue and ensure that managers can keep everyone in check.

According to an article found on EMS World.com, “Preparing the Leaders of Tomorrow,” the majority of managers in the EMS industry have little to no formal management training. Adopting an EMS software platform that will help build communication channels between employees and management will take your agency to the next level.

Find out how implementing an automated point system within an EMS software can help managers better communicate, track employee time and attendance infractions, organize disciplinary actions, and raise employee accountability.


Time & Attendance Communication Breakdown

With so many things to do and so few hours in the day, finding time to properly communicate time and attendance policies with employees can be difficult. Sometimes verbal warnings and inconspicuous write ups won’t do the trick.

Studies have shown that out of the 25% of the overall turnover rate in the EMS industry, 18% of full time EMT’s voluntarily walk away from the job due to lack of communication and proper performance management. That’s an alarming percentage for a problem that can be easily solved with the implementation of EMS software.

If your agency is not using an EMS based time and attendance software, chances are you’re having trouble keeping up with employee infractions. Implementing an EMS software that uses a point system to help managers track employee late punches and call outs will ensure all employee records are up to date and accounted for.


Utilizing a Point System

This unique EMS software feature gives department managers the ability to establish, communicate, and uphold company time and attendance policies within their given departments. It provides an in-depth breakdown of employee call outs, early, and late punches all in one place. Accessing employee time and attendance records is simple and documented in one place.

Managers can customize point ranking thresholds for time and attendance infractions based on different departments and cost center policies. Employees can also track point accumulation in their personal employee profiles, decreasing the likelihood for point misrepresentation.

Automating these processes within an EMS software can help managers establish, communicate, and uphold company policy in their designated branches.

The benefits of enabling a point system within your agency can have a major impact on employee accountability. You may be thinking, how does keeping track of employee time and attendance infractions affect accountability?

We’re glad you asked! By taking advantage of the right tools, you can create accountability for your employees. With the use of our EMS software, managers can make their staff fully aware of what is expected of them. This will strengthen your organization by adding accountability into their routine.


Benefits of Implementing a Point System

To help boost morale, managers have the option to deduct points from employees that have exemplified progress or accomplished honorable achievements. By monitoring employee progress with time and attendance policies, you not only show that you’re aware of your teams’ growth, but you’re also encouraging others to step up and join the trend.

Adopting an automated point system will keep all employees and managers up to date by having access to in-depth employee time and attendance records in one place.

Implementing an EMS software streamlines time and attendance processes by reducing the time spent on manually entering punches and more time supporting employees and patients.


How ePro Scheduler Can Help Mend Communication Breakdown

If you’re looking to encourage communication and accountability within your team, ePro Scheduler is the perfect EMS software for you. ePro Scheduler is a multifaceted solution built to solve EMS related pain points. Our EMS software combines features like point system tracking for time and attendance, an online time clock & attendance, and payroll control into one accessible tool.

Our new point system feature allows scheduling coordinators and mangers to keep up with employee time and attendance records for proper disciplinary action. Using a point system keeps all employees up to date on personal time and attendance infractions while informing them of disciplinary thresholds. Get back to what truly matters and reduce time spent manually entering and keeping up with employee records and more time leading your team to success.

ePro Scheduler has continued to evolve over the years to provide the best scheduling tool in the EMS industry. Learn more about our products here.