Tips and Tricks on Staying Safe During Halloween

Getting through a holiday without a traumatic experience is possible with proper education and awareness. This Halloween, enjoy time with family and spend less time focusing on the horrors of Halloween (no pun intended). Keeping up with the over consumption of candy, costume related injuries, and motor vehicle accidents can result in a fun and ultimately safe holiday.

As a parent, you recall spending Halloween with friends and innocent trick or treating with little to no adult supervision… Well, times have certainly changed. Children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year. This isn’t meant to create hysteria or urge parents to ban children from Halloween festivities like door to door trick or treating, but to remind parents and all unsupervised children to stay vigilant.

To keep your family as safe as possible this Halloween, we’ve compiled a few tips on how to increase safety from motor vehicle accidents to choosing a costume.

Street Safety Tips for Increased Visibility

In 2017, October ranked number two in motor vehicle deaths reaching 3,700 fatalities. With trick or treating being the theme of the month, many accidents were affiliated with outdoor activities like trunk or treating and old-fashioned door to door trick or treating. Anytime an activity involves crossing the street or maneuvering around cars, understanding proper etiquette could save your life or your child’s life.

When approaching a busy street be sure to look both ways before taking a step off the side walk, even if you have the right of way. With technology distracting drivers now more than ever, the likelihood of accident caused by cell phone or electronic usage has sky rocketed. Be sure costumes do not block a child’s visibility or your own when planning out what costume to wear this year.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends finding a costume that is brightly colored to ensure drivers can see you when crossing the street. If that doesn’t play into your costume this year, another recommendation is applying reflective tape that you can tastefully stick to the front or back of the costume. Incorporating a pair of running shoes with built in reflection designs can be utilized to draw attention.

Staying safe while maneuvering across busy streets is simple by wearing a bright colored costume, applying reflective tape to the front or back of a costume, and finally wearing athletic sneakers with reflective designs to increase pedestrian visibility this Halloween.

Careful with the Candy

Every Halloween kid dreams about the large amounts of candy their parents will let them consume during the one day of the year. Some even like Halloween more than Christmas, because they’re allowed to do the one thing mom permits the most. But is it a good idea to let kids engorge themselves on their well-earned spoils?

According to the World Health Organization, children are already ingesting higher levels of sugar than the 10% recommended on daily basis for a well-balanced diet. With boys ingesting a whopping 16% and girls 15%, adding a day or week of sugar can seriously affect a child’s body. The hard part is, sugar has a sneaky way of being added to inconspicuous foods that are easy to miss. For example, healthy foods like spaghetti sauce, yogurt, and cereals have staggering levels of added sugar.

This only increases sugar cravings in children. So, the question is, do you tighten the reigns on a child’s candy consumption or let them decide when they’ve had enough? Studies have shown that maintaining a strict expectation on how much snacks or candy your child eats can have a reverse effect.  The best advise for parents is to get creative and find ways to educate your child on moderation and defining how the stomach ache that comes after eating large amounts of candy correlates with their actions.

At the end of the day, every child is different, and parents should gauge their methods based upon their unique scenario. Overall, keeping a realistic perspective is the key to success.

Costume Caution

This year, you’ve been planning out the perfect costume for months, and you’ve finally narrowed it down to one. You’ve bought the perfect pair of pants, shoes, wig, and the exact color of face paint for your character. The only thing left to do is to put it all together on the big day.

Now, you may be thinking there’s no potential harm in the costume previously mentioned, but there is. In 2016 the national Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found lead in over 20% and Cadmium in nearly 30% of Halloween face paint. Since Halloween has no age limit, children and adults were exposed to these products.

If exposed to Cadmium, symptoms can range from adverse heath effects such as cancer to flu like symptoms if inhaled. The outcome of extremities covered in contaminated paint could result in an early night and a quick trip to the hospital. With majority of costumes and products being mislabeled, finding a costume that does not require face paint is a safe bet.

Colored Contacts for Halloween

Another popular addition to Halloween costumes is incorporating colored contacts. These props add a different dimension to a costume that can really bring it to another level. However, finding the right pair should be handled with care and plenty of research. Whether you need corrective or cosmetic contacts, suppliers are required to request a prescription by law. Without the correct fit, lenses can be unsafe to wear.

Eye doctors have warned those who want to take on the cool new fad to be weary of bad quality lenses. Some brands supply lenses with pigment that rubs off and into your eye over time. No one wants that! Experts recommend using dailies that can be thrown away at the end of the day, to decrease the likelihood of bacterial build up and recurring eye irritation.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween

This Halloween, take the appropriate measures to keeping your holiday fun and safe without sacrificing a good time.