September Employee Spotlight – Tommy Nguyen

At eCore Software Inc., our employees work day in and out to ensure a successful client experience. We want to share with you the background of our employees so that you can get to know our team a little better than before!

Tommy Nguyen

Title: Client Training Specialist

Tenure with eCore: 1 year

Secret Talent: My secret talent is that I can keep a secret really well!

Hobbies: I enjoy being physically active (basketball, football, tennis, running, working out, etc.) I also love to eat all types of food.

Advice you live by: “Failure is the key to success”

Why do you love working at eCore?

This may sound cliché, but the people here are amazing. We are diverse and have different personalities. Like different pieces in a puzzle, we are complete as a whole.

What is the best part of your job?

As a Client Training Specialist, I love being able to be provide my knowledge to new and existing clients. Making a great first impression goes a long way in building a great relationship.

What does a day at eCore look like for you

On a typical day, I would be conducting training for multiple clients. Making sure the new clients have all they need to move forward in the deployment phase, and any existing clients are up to date with their own questions and concerns.

What unique element do you bring to eCore?

Something I bring to eCore is my genuine need to help others. Being genuine is a trait that can’t be faked or taught. As a Trainer, I believe that goes a long way with my clients.

What is your favorite feature on ePro Scheduler?

My favorite feature in ePro Scheduler would be the Schedule Wizard. The name may sound funny but it is a great tool to use to manipulate the schedule. The tool allow you to filter by different criteria’s and allows you to make a mass change in one click of a button.

Why do you love working with the EMS industry?

I love working in the EMS industry because we’re always helping people that are making real-life differences in the world, and that’s pretty awesome.