Scheduling the Future of EMS

Millennials are quickly becoming the largest demographic employed in the U.S. and the technology that their generation was born into makes this the age of the smartphones and mobile applications. By the time that your next recruits graduate college, they will be fully immersed in a digital world.

When the younger generation of EMS training program graduates take over as the new faces of your organization, they will expect a technologically advanced system to view and manage their schedules and will be looking for this as one of their requirements of their new workplace. Many EMS organizations are now looking for automated scheduling solutions that will accommodate this new workforce generation as well as alleviate some of the labor-intensive work from a management perspective. The most difficult question that many agencies ask themselves is, “what will our EMS training program graduates expect in a scheduling solution optimized for mobile use?”


Below are four of the most commonly requested features from organizations:

  1. Dashboard

Scheduling dashboards for mobile devices is one of the most sought-after features because nothing is more important for new EMS training program grads than having the right data at your fingertips when it’s needed. Implementing a dashboard that displays right after login allows new employees quick navigation to the most commonly accessed tools (such as the ones listed below).

  1. Certification Tracking Management

New EMS training program grads enjoy a workplace where they can complete tasks efficiently. Unfortunately, tasks like certification/license renewal will always need to happen, but with mobile tools employees will have the ability to see when all their certifications and licenses are going to expire, as well as upload renewed or new certifications through their smart phone or tablet. By adding this mobile feature, your organization not only makes a more efficient process for field workers, but also allows management to streamline processes and improve workflows.

  1. Notification and Messaging

In the digital world millennials were born into, one of highest expectations an EMS training program graduate will have is for their agency is to have quick, reliable and secure communication. Ensuring that an advanced messaging feature is included in the scheduling software will allow new employees to receive instant notifications alerting them of any changes to the schedule, an open shift that needs to be filled, or new policy being put in place. In addition, this feature will meet the millennials desire for transparency and instant feedback.

  1. Synced Calendar

The millennial mindset is focused on making all things faster, easier, personal, mobile and more efficient. A schedule calendar that can sync to your EMS training program graduates’ mobile devices and third-party calendars such as Outlook, Apple, Yahoo, and Gmail is a way to ensure that your new employee has all their schedule information at their fingertips. The easier that your field employees can access their calendar, the more likely they are to utilize the tool to its full capacity.


The Scheduling Software That Will Make EMS Training Program Grads Want To Work For Your Organization

Scheduling shifts for EMS teams has always been a labor-intensive task. Using paper or Excel — while accounting for variables such as certifications, equipment assignment, inventory, location, shift partner preference and availability makes it even more complex. But there is an alternative.

ePro Scheduler Plus is an extremely flexible and scalable web-based crew scheduling software solution that makes scheduling easy, intuitive and cost-effective. With a wide range of options and settings, ePro Scheduler Plus becomes a finely-tuned employee scheduling machine addressing your specific needs. It is ideal for public service organizations such as EMS operations, air medical, 911 dispatch agencies and hospitals.

ePro Scheduler Mobile Optimization Tools are made with EMS training program graduates in mind. New employees can easily access their schedule information, request open shifts, view rosters, make changes to the daily schedule, submit certifications, update profile information and more, all from their mobile device.

If you are in the EMS industry and need a scheduling software that helps your new EMS training program graduates save valuable time and increase their overall productivity and efficiency, get in touch with eCore Software today to request a free demo!