Employee Scheduling Software at Hospital-Based EMS Operations

Many large hospital groups have very large EMS operations to match and they cover ALS and MICU operations. These procedures are the most medically intensive in the EMS industry at large. One difficulty these EMS operations have been dealing with is trying to shoehorn the tools that are mandated by the payroll and hospital departments into their complex EMS operations. Scheduling software is one of the areas that tools used by hospital staffs fall short.

The Importance of Employee Scheduling Software

Large EMS operations are fluid  24/7. There are many factors that go into selecting the right employee for open shifts and last-minute call-offs as well as many decisions to make when selecting part-time employees to fill shifts to balance overtime. There are also lots of additional scheduling rules that drive working back to back shifts. Up to date certifications must be an essential staffing check for every employee assigned to a shift as well as ease of management by the operation’s management staff.

Top to bottom communication is very important in a scheduling workflow solution. The scheduling software must provide an easy way to page out an open shift to the employees that are the best fit possible. That’s where hours worked comes into play. Easily balancing those hours throughout the available staff is important. A messaging system is a bonus that quite a few scheduling systems used by EMS operations have. Whether it’s for management communicating with field employees or peer to peer communications, the easier it is to communicate the better the operation will run.

EMS Scheduling Software Moving into the FutureEmployee Scheduling Software

As technology continues to move forward, interfacing to HR employee management systems in hospital business offices becomes more and more important. With API interfaces, HR providers like Kronos, ADP, and PeopleSoft are providing easy ways to export demographic information to scheduling systems to avoid dual entry. Getting time-off balances to scheduling software is a key component for approving time-off request (vacation, PTO, etc.).

Mobile access is very important not only to hospital-based EMS operations but for all operations. Self-service apps along with ease of use management functions are extremely important for day to day operations. Most hospital-based scheduling/workflow software just doesn’t work for large EMS operations with complex and fluid scheduling systems. And many are switching over to scheduling systems built specifically for EMS, fire department, dispatch and other public service solutions.

ePro Scheduler Plus is Everything Needed for Emergency Scheduling

eCore Software Inc. has over 15 years of proven success with our ePro Scheduler software. Our product has everything an EMS operation needs from automated employee scheduling to sick call-out management and schedule change notification.

If you are in the EMS industry and need a scheduling software that works for you, give us a call today to find out how to request a free demo.