Schedule Control in ePro Scheduler

Does your operation have special rules concerning shift durations, downtime, or scheduling probationary employees? ePro Scheduler provides schedule control features that address these needs. These features can help your operation eliminate user error related to these operational requirements when scheduling.

ePro Scheduler provides an option to setup a maximum number of hours an employee can work consecutively as well as a required gap of downtime hours between shifts. Once enabled, the software alerts any user attempting to schedule an employee outside of these parameters. An “override” button is optional and can be given to specific users or groups of users.

An additional option is available for restricting two or more probationary employees from working on the same unit at the same time. When attempting to schedule probationary employees on the same unit, the software displays a rejection message and stops the action.

Along with these great features, ePro Scheduler provides a wealth of tools specific to the needs of public service organizations.