Rotating or Fixed Shifts?

Did you know that with ePro Scheduler Plus you can create your own custom rotations and work patterns? ePro Scheduler’s Staffing Templates offer a powerful range of options supporting simple and complex rotations.

Some of our customers need a simple 24 on/48 off rotation where an employee works every third day at the same station. Some of our customers require their employees to rotate multiple stations with kelly days over the course of several weeks. Others have a weekly schedule where an employee works the same days week after week. When it comes to custom rotations and work patterns, ePro Scheduler Plus is a power tool like no other.

With that said, we’d like to share this insightful article from our friends over at Shift Work regarding rotating and fixed shifts, and the advantages and disadvantages of both in case you’re considering making a change:

If you’d like to make changes to your schedule in ePro Scheduler Plus, let us know – we’d be glad to help! And if you are not yet using ePro Scheduler Plus, please click here to request a demo today!