Reports for Everyone in ePro Scheduler Plus!

From payroll to detailed scheduling reports, ePro Scheduler Plus has a report for everyone! Reporting provides beneficial insight and allows operations of all sizes to see the big picture.

Schedule Reports

Our scheduling reports range from schedule detail by week (or pay period) to daily or weekly shift swap requests. The most popular report is our schedule item summary/detail report. Within this report, you can view multiple aspects of the schedule of your operations. You also have the ability to save a specific report as a template.


Attendance Reports

Attendance reports consist of Employee Balances by Date Span, Infraction Transactions Summary, Perfect Attendance, and Corrective Action Assessment. The reports allow you to stay up to date with tardy arrivals and no shows as well as perfect attendance!

Time Off Reports

Need to keep track of your employees time off balances? We have you covered! Whether employees accrue vacation/sick time or they receive it in one lump sum, we can help you out! In ePro Scheduler Plus, there are multiple reporting options to keep you in the loop.

Timekeeping Reports

ePro Scheduler Plus allows you to view all aspects of your timekeeping from in/out punches to employee time cards. You also have the ability to run daily and weekly time & attendance logs. The timekeeping logs ensure your employees get paid for the time they worked!

Payroll Reports

Everyone wants to receive the correct pay for their time. We provide numerous payroll summaries that ensure your employees get paid. You can report on earning codes, weekly closeouts, weekly payroll summaries, and overtime! Once payroll is good to go, a payroll file is created for you to pass along to your payroll processing vendor.


With the variety of reports ePro Scheduler Plus provides, you won’t miss a beat!

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please visit us here or e-mail!