Regulate EMT Time and Attendance Actions With Ease

Clocking-in seems like a minuscule task employees do every day before the start of their shift.  But this inconspicuous task can actually cost your agency additional time and money when left uncensored.   Most EMT time and attendance platforms on the market are too rudimentary and do not provide EMT specific features that keep your agency operating at its best. Finding a process that integrates with your scheduling software solution can seem impossible at times, but we have a few solutions that will help.

Keep reading to discover three ways your agency can regulate EMT time and attendance actions with ease.

Physical Biometric Time and Attendance

Every EMT agency needs a way for employees to securely clock in and out of their shifts. Attendance rules may vary from agency to agency but they all must have a form of clocking in. The first and most secure method of clocking in is with a biometric scanning device.

This mechanism provides an extra layer of security when an employee clocks in and out for the day. Scanners can easily be attached to stationary clocking stations via USB and connected to the scheduling application. This is a perfect way to eliminate buddy punching.

Web Based EMT Time and Attendance

IP Address

An alternative to a physical scanner is a web-based timeclock. There are two types of web-based timeclocks that can be used based on your agency’s preferences. The first is set up through an IP Address or wifi connection. This syncs your EMT Time and Attendance software with a specific network. Depending on your wifi connection strength, employees have the ability to clock-in from the parking lot or anywhere in the building instead of a stationary computer.

Location Based

The second form of a web-based timeclock solution is location based or geofencing. Geofencing is a fancy term for setting up a geographic boundary where employees can clock in and out on their mobile devices. For example, if your agency works during a local event in the field, setting up a location based radius allows employees to clock in when they arrive at the event.

This method is convenient for growing EMT agencies looking to expand their services in different cities or states. Both IP address and location based timeclocks can only be used when connected to a web-based scheduling software.

Whichever timeclock method your agency chooses should have the ability to connect with a reliable EMT time and attendance software to pull the most accurate data.

Online Time Clock and Attendance Software in ePro Scheduler Plus

ePro Scheduler is the EMT time and attendance solution built with you in mind. We understand that processes are carried out differently across the EMS industry, and that’s why we provide our users with three alternative clocking in methods to ensure they find the solution that works best for their agency. Learn more by visiting our Time & Attendance page!