Protecting Your City Around the Clock

“Police officers, firefighters, EMTs – they are all out there every single day – literally just a phone call away for anyone who needs them.”  – Doreen Cronin 

Providing 24/7 services to cities and counties requires highly trained and efficient municipal-based EMS workers that are continuously operating at their best. Citizen’s lives often depend on the quick reaction and competent care provided by these workers. While there is a high percentage of the U.S. that is drawn to municipal EMS based work, this line of work can be physically stressful and mentally draining and many times, scheduling components can be the ultimate factor in the long-term success & satisfaction of the worker. The ePro Scheduler by eCore Software is the law enforcement scheduling software that is accessible around the clock and takes some of the stress out of keeping your city safe.

Confronting changes to scheduling components can be difficult and even personal, but in municipal EMS agencies, it is necessary in order to ensure the safety of your team and your citizens. Below are 5 ideas that can help improve your employee’s mental health, job satisfaction, and overall morale.

  1. Balancing Overtime Rules – While there is not one solution that will fit all municipal EMS agencies, it is possible to find a standard that works best for your agency. When an agency has figured out reasonable rules for overtime, they can take the next step to ensure that their specific overtime rules are being followed by setting up workflows and processes specifically for overtime. Creating a process that ensures that employees who have hit overtime are always the last option when it comes to staffing an open shift can keep not only your team satisfied, but also help out the overall agency by keeping overtime costs at a minimum.
  1. Introducing Efficient Processes  Inefficiency is a quick way to lower team morale in any industry, but this is especially true in municipal-based EMS organizations. Every second counts when it comes to protecting citizens, and when your employees are held back by manual processes, they can seem unsuccessful at their job leading to an overall feeling of dissatisfaction from your employee. Implementing enhanced programs and tools, such as a sophisticated law enforcement scheduling software, can automate previously labor-extensive tasks like certification management, time off requests, trading shifts, and filling open shifts. Any municipal EMS agency that can automate just these four tasks, will see a dramatic turn-around in their team almost immediately.
  1. Designing a Custom Flexible Schedule – Although your current schedule may be saving your municipal EMS agency more money and resources, it could also be a factor to employee dissatisfaction. Custom schedules allow municipal EMS organizations many benefits that could improve the current satisfaction rate of their team, like the ability to create shift profiles specific to full-time & part-time workers, preventing full-time employees to always be called in to cover shifts. 
  1. Leaving Space for Change – The only thing that is promised to us is change. No employee’s life will stay the same forever, and neither will their availability. As your employees mature, they may face many changes in life, from education to families. If you do not leave enough room in your schedule to allow for these natural life occurrences, your organization can expect to see an overall lower team moral, higher rates of dissatisfaction and even the possibility of turnover. Something as simple as offering an open law enforcement scheduling software platform that allows employees to update their availability when needed could improve morale almost overnight.
  1. Catering to a Dynamic Workforce – Just as your employees’ lives change, so should your municipal EMS organization. By continuously reporting on different areas of the agency such as workforce demographics, time off requests, shift pick-up requests, and availability changes, your organization will see a clearer picture of the overall health of team morale. If any red flags begin showing through the reports, agencies will then be able to see if there are any small changes that are required to meet evolving needs.

Scheduling Software for EMS Municipal Agencies – Improving Safety From All Sides

Overall team morale and employee satisfaction is a critical piece for municipal-based EMS organizations to continue successfully providing care for their citizens. Applying these 5 ideas to your organization can improve the mental health of your team, as well as your scheduling and retention processes along the way.

As leaders in scheduling technology, eCore is proud to offer the ePro Scheduler Plus to public service providers. Our product is the industry proven web-based law enforcement scheduling software that has solutions to help manage each scheduling update listed above and has been the standard in EMS, fire, and other public service operations in several market sectors.

By adopting our software, you can expect to increase employee satisfaction and improve efficiency. It is the workflow solution that works for any operation, any size. If you are interested in implementing the best municipal-based EMS and law enforcement scheduling software in the industry, reach out to us today and we will schedule a free demonstration of what ePro Scheduler can do for you!