Top Scheduling Software Features for Private EMS Agencies

Finding the right EMT scheduling software for your private EMS agency is easier than you think. Understanding what your specific needs are before taking a look at potential options will help narrow down the list of possibilities. If you’re not sure where to start, we have a few top features to get you on your way.

Why You Should Choose a Web-Based Scheduling Solution

The scheduling power needed to run an emergency medical operation goes way beyond creating and implementing a shift schedule. Most generic scheduling solutions on the market today cannot fully support the processes of a private EMS agency, especially if they are not web-based.

A web-based EMT scheduling software can be accessed by all employees anywhere and at any time. If an incident takes place away from the station, employees can fill out paperwork from their mobile device. This eliminates the need for employees involved in minor incidents to report back to the station to manually fill out paperwork.

Notification Center

An EMT scheduling software is crucial to efficient communication. Without a proper notification center, internal communication drastically slows. With a notification center, managers are able to quickly fill last-minute open shifts by sending out notifications to groups of employees most qualified for the shift.

Once an employee receives the notice, they can either accept or decline the offer. If yes, managers can choose the most qualified candidate from the “yes” group to add to the open shift. This reduces the likelihood of over scheduling employees and ensures you have the most qualified candidate working the open shift every time.

Money Management

As a private EMS agency, you understand the importance of good money management. Since operations are fully funded by patient care fees, knowing where every dollar is spent can keep your agency in the black. With an EMT scheduling software, managing employee overtime is simple.

Control employee overtime hours in two different areas.

  • First, before an employee is ever placed onto a schedule or open shift, managers get notified of their current hour count. Sometimes these situations can not be helped, but managers being notified of an employee’s hours before the action takes place adds an extra layer of control.
  • The second threshold can be carried out at any time. Reporting tools in our EMT scheduling software can be used by managers to pull payroll reports by filters such as employee, week, or pay period to observe overtime trends. These reports provide insight into broken scheduling methods within your agency.

Why ePro Scheduler is a Good Fit for Private EMS

The private EMS sector is a unique branch within the industry. We understand that you all need a bit more information to help run your agency the right way. However much or little support your agency needs, you have the ability to choose from a wide range of features that will help you get the job done right!

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