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Employee Spotlight- Bobby Look

April 4, 2019

Why do you love working at eCore? The people here are just amazing. They’re great at their jobs, but they don’t take things too seriously. I know I can be myself around them and always feel a bit more chipper when I talk with them. Why do you love your specific job role? I used . . .

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How the Growth of Suburban and Urban Communities Has Increased the Need for EMS Air Ambulance Agencies in the United States

March 22, 2019
EMS air ambulance

As major hospitals continue to migrate their medical services to suburban and urban communities, the need for EMS air ambulance services in rural communities has increased. Patients living in rural communities are often left with 50-minute-long drive just to reach the nearest hospital. This rise in demand has given life to EMS air ambulance agencies . . .

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Three Ways an EMS Employee Schedule Generator Can Change the Way Your Agency Spends Time

March 11, 2019
Use ePro Scheduler as an EMS employee schedule generator

Time is a precious commodity that we all wish we had more of. Whether it’s more time to rest after a long shift or get more work done on the clock, time is important to all of us in some way, shape, or form. Since you can’t get more time in the day, it’s important . . .

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Employee Spotlight – Miranda Bonilla

February 26, 2019

Why do you love working at eCore? I love the company culture and that I get to work with such amazing coworkers and clients every day! Why do you love your specific job role? I really enjoy working collaboratively both with my co-workers and with clients. I love being able to help clients with problems . . .

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Manage EMS Employee Overtime
With Automated EMS Scheduling Software

February 19, 2019
Manage employee overtime with ePro Scheduler
As you grow, the ability to manage EMS employee overtime without a robust employee shift scheduling program can quickly become a problem. Figuring out how to juggle employee overtime is difficult without the right tools. If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a recent acquisition or rapid growth period, chances are you’re experiencing growing pains. . . . ...Continue Reading

How User Groups Can Help Your Operations Run More Efficiently

February 14, 2019
Managing a station takes time and precision in order to achieve excellence in every area. With so many moving parts, it can become difficult to keep up with the day-to-day processes without having access to the correct tools. Finding the time to upgrade your current EMS management system can seem impossible, but the payoff is . . . ...Continue Reading