Reduce Holiday Pay Overages with Online Employee Scheduling Features

Every agency abides by different rules for holiday pay rates. Whether it’s operating on a time and a half holiday pay rate, or double pay for hours worked on the entire holiday is completely up to you. Having the ability to apply the rules you need through an online employee scheduling portal can make all the difference.

This holiday season, step into the age of automation with online employee scheduling. The time of manually processing holiday pay rates and hours is in the past. Lower the risk of over or underpaying employees this year by adopting the right tools to help.


Why it’s important to get holiday pay rates right the first time

As long work hours continue on through the busy holiday season, getting holiday and special pay rates right can be daunting. The only way to guarantee a hassle-free holiday payroll period for your agency, is to provide your team with the tools they need to succeed.

According to this article from, one city unknowingly overcompensating their first responders an additional holiday paycheck equaling up to 8 hours of regular pay for each holiday worked. This went unnoticed for three years before the mistake was caught. The city’s miscalculations cost the agency over $336,000 per year in payment overages. To try and readjust the error, employee paychecks were reduced throughout the following year to compensate for what was lost.

With the correct payroll and online employee scheduling platform, the likelihood of of an incident like this happening is greatly reduced. Is automating your payroll sounding a little bit better now?


How Automating Holiday Pay Rates can save You time and Money

The trick to getting payroll right during the holidays has everything to do with scheduling processes. If your agency is still operating with pen and paper, chances are you’ve experienced the pressure and long hours of manually calculating holiday payroll.

Adopting an online employee scheduling software gives your payroll team the freedom to set up holiday pay rates and forget about them! Utilizing a holiday pay management feature automates a variety of holiday pay policies. This feature allows payroll managers to configure a custom policy from the ground up. Earning codes are calculated and assigned to designated employees, saving you time on manually entering them.

Some stations only grant full time employees holiday pay rates while others pay full and part time employees the same. If your agency doesn’t have a holiday pay policy in place for part time employees, some automated software platforms have a special rates feature that can calculate a onetime compensation amount for part time employees.

Using an online employee scheduling software to set custom holiday pay rules within your system ensures your agency is not paying an employee more or less than what they earned.

If an employee ever feels they’re being under or over paid, they can simply submit a message through their online employee schedule profile . For example, if an employee forgets to clock out or in, payroll can adjust all discrepancies before submitting their final timesheet for processing. Adjusting employee time cards and saving time & money for your agency has never been easier.


Give the gift of automation with ePro Scheduler

Give your payroll team the resources they need to excel at getting payroll right the first time. This directly impacts your bottom line while increasing productivity and decreasing the chances of payroll errors. Don’t risk over or underpaying your employees this holiday season and adopt ePro Scheduler, our online employee scheduling software, to get you there.

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This year join the automation movement with ePro Scheduler and see how easy it is to configure online employee schedules for the holiday season.