How the Growth of Suburban and Urban Communities Has Increased the Need for EMS Air Ambulance Agencies in the United States

As major hospitals continue to migrate their medical services to suburban and urban communities, the need for EMS air ambulance services in rural communities has increased. Patients living in rural communities are often left with 50-minute-long drive just to reach the nearest hospital.

This rise in demand has given life to EMS air ambulance agencies looking to bridge the gap, but without the correct fleet management software, operations can fall flat.

Decrease in Rural Community Populations

According to a 2018 article found on, “Since 2000, suburban counties saw a 16% increase in population, compared with increases of 13% and 3%, respectively, in urban and rural counties.” The shift in population density has spurred the relocation of hospitals in the United States from rural counties to now suburban and urban areas.

Though the population in rural America is decreasing, the need for medical attention is still present. This has drastically affected the way hospitals dispense care to those living miles away from the nearest hospital. Patients who face life-threatening situations in rural communities rely on the accessibility provided by surrounding air medical services.

New Responsibilities Call for New Software Solutions

As an EMS air ambulance provider, timing is everything. The majority of patients you serve are in critical and life-threatening conditions by the time you arrive. When a call comes in, flight crews and helicopters must be stocked and prepared with the appropriate equipment and ready at a moment’s notice. 

By housing all fleet equipment checklists on a web-based software solution, every crew member will have access to an up to date list right at their fingertips, 24/7. This decreases the likelihood of leaving an important instrument behind.

Preventative Fleet Maintenance 

Having an accurate awareness of how your fleet hours and resources are spent can be complex and time-consuming. Documenting how many flight hours each aircraft has performed will keep your maintenance crew ahead of any inconspicuous maintenance issues that can be easily overlooked.

Customizing maintenance schedules based on miles, engine hours, or date thresholds will keep your fleet running and operating at its best. Field operators can submit problem reports from the field when incidents or malfunctions occur with the aircraft. Managers are immediately notified, and the information is passed to the appropriate parties. This keeps your employees in the field instead of held up at the agency filling out physical paperwork.

How ePro Scheduler and our Fleet Add on Tool Can Help Save you Time and Money

Running an EMS air ambulance agency takes a large amount of capital and energy to properly maintain. Managing staff and fleet schedules with ePro Scheduler and the ePro Fleet add on tool is your go-to solution for all your fleet and maintenance management needs.

Give your fleet crews what they need by providing them with a web-based mobile solution that can be accessed anywhere, at any time.