Manage Everything – Even Thanksgiving – Through One Portal

Every year, thousands of first responders are separated from their families and loved ones on Thanksgiving Day. With the holiday season being notorious for high call volume, finding the time to take a seat and enjoy a hot meal, let alone preparing one, seems nearly impossible.

As a manager, organizing a Thanksgiving feast for an entire station can be a huge undertaking. Planning and preparing large quantities of food that will feed everyone on a budget can only be mastered with the proper tools. Learning how to use resources on hand with a little creativity can stretch your dollar a bit further and help you stay under budget. To put on any successful event, use your EMS manager login to establish a plan and properly communicate it with everyone involved.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to host a successful Thanksgiving celebration for your station by utilizing features found in an EMS scheduling software, like automated employee scheduling, business and personal calendar integration, and immediate employee scheduling responses.

Getting Started

Even though first responders don’t get the day off work, it doesn’t mean they have to miss out on a hot meal enjoyed with great company. Emergency medical services have been orchestrating their own Thanksgiving meals and traditions for years, of course some being more extravagant than others.

Before you start your Thanksgiving planning, you need a budget. Inquire with upper management on how much they’re willing to spend per person. This will give you an idea of if catering or cooking a meal in house will be more feasible. If your budget per person is slim, try buying foods in bulk and cooking the meal in house. Purchasing in bulk cuts down on per unit costs to give you more bang for your buck. Plus, preparing a meal in house allows the chef to get creative with the ingredients.

Using your EMS manager login portal allows you to keep track of a set number of attendees to help the planning process run smoothly and efficiently while reducing the chance of leaving someone out. To play it safe, try adding 2-3 extra servings to your final headcount to ensure no one is left out if a last-minute shift is added to the schedule.

Find Out Who’s Working on Thanksgiving

Once you’ve established your budget and meal headcount, it’s time to create your list of attendees. To do this you’ll need to access your EMS manager login portal to construct your holiday schedule. The manager portal allows you to carry out scheduling tasks like Quick Open Shift Bidding. This feature gives managers the ability to rapidly blast out notifications to employees about open shifts that they can request to work.

Every agency has a unique way of configuring holiday schedules. Some consider seniority while others may operate on a volunteer basis. Depending on your scheduling preference, structuring unique holiday shifts is easy and can be completed in just a matter of a few clicks.

Automating employee scheduling processes decreases the likelihood of open shifts while reducing the stress of filling a holiday schedule.

Create Thanksgiving Contact Group

After you’ve constructed your holiday shift schedule, it’s time to generate a custom Contact Group. The Contact Group feature allows managers to categorize employees based on costs centers or branches of the company. Accessing specific employee information has never been easier.

Managers can easily send out mass notifications to employees within their assigned groups with only a press of a button. Use your EMS manager login to access this feature and cut down time spent on manually sending out individual messages to each employee.

Utilizing the Contact Group tool for your holiday plan helps mangers effectively communicate important information with employees attending the meal. For example, if your station is planning on hosting a potluck style meal, staying up to date on who’s bringing which items reduces the chance of employees bringing the same dish.

Synchronize Your Calendars

Another way to stay organized for your Thanksgiving feast is having your Contact Group integrate their personal and business calendars in their employee profiles. If managers would prefer to delegate responsibilities like shopping lists or catering options, this is a great way to assign tasks and deadlines to employees.

Having a Back Up Plan

Let’s face it, working in the EMS industry is full of unexpected situations and last-minute call outs. The chances of someone getting sick the morning of their shift increases on a holiday, resulting in empty shifts that need to be filled. Whatever the case may be, having a quick response can keep your plans in order. That’s where an Immediate Employee Scheduling Responses tool comes in handy.

By incorporating an instant messaging system and a Direct Response feature, employees can rapidly respond to a notice or message regarding a new open shift without having to log in to their profile. If an employee is interested in picking up the open shift left by a last-minute call out, managers can quickly add them to an existing shift without disrupting the pre-existing holiday schedule.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with ePro Scheduler

At the end of the day, working on a holiday is a sacrifice. Making the most out of it can help a bleak situation come to life. Getting the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with fellow teammates can be used as a time to grow closer and to bond with one another over funny Thanksgiving stories.

With the proper tools in place, holding your own Thanksgiving feast is easier than you think. Your EMS manager login portal in ePro Scheduler can handle your Thanksgiving planning tasks all in one place. Automating your scheduling and notification processes will reduce time spent on manually creating and filling difficult holiday shifts schedules while helping you pull off a great celebration meal for your station.

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