How to Manage EMT Work Schedules with Employee Profiles

Staying organized while managing EMT work schedules saves time and money when done correctly. In order for your agency to accomplish this, you need a place to store employee data that is accessible without sacrificing security.

Being able to effectively manage EMT work schedules will keep internal and external operations running smoothly. Here are three ways employee profiles can help your agency stay organized and efficient:

Employee Profiles

Employee profiles supply management with a wide range of information in one place. They store information like hire status, certifications, and qualifications. Information kept in an employee’s profile shows schedulers which shifts an employee is available for, which helps them manage EMT work schedules more efficiently.

When an employee’s information needs updating, they submit an update request through the software and send it to their manager for final approval. With this system, managers have flexibility and control over the EMT work schedules that they oversee – all without a single piece of paper. Without an integrated employee data software, scheduling and managerial processes become delayed.

Employee Information Updates

The responsibilities of a paramedic differ slightly from the duties you will see during EMT work schedules. Certification requirements for a paramedic include advanced lifesaving courses and extensive field training, while an entry-level EMT requires basic lifesaving courses and less training hours.

When an EMT has earned a new certification off-campus or online, they can upload an image with their mobile device and send it off to a manager for approval. As soon as the certification has been approved, the new certification uploads to their employee profile. This will immediately update their new status on all scheduling platforms allowing them to work more advanced EMT work schedules.

Managing Staff Equipment Logs

Having a central place to manage staff equipment logs is another way employee profiles can help your agency stay organized. Staff equipment logs are exactly what they sound like – an itemized list of truck equipment assigned to designated employees.

Before the start of a new shift, trucks need to be evaluated for equipment like communication radios, defibrillators, and other lifesaving equipment. Instead of logging truck equipment onto pieces of paper, employees can access their employee profiles to view and update their list of equipment in real time.

Staying organized in everyday tasks, like equipment checks, is extremely important and can directly affect the quality of care a patient receives. Managing EMT work schedules is easy with the right information at your fingertips.

ePro Scheduler and Employee Profiles

ePro Scheduler goes beyond your average EMT scheduling solution. It provides agencies with an unlimited amount of storage for employee information, certifications, and documents. ePro Scheduler makes managing and monitoring EMT work schedules easier and more efficient.

If your agency is hesitant about transporting employee data from Excel or other scheduling software’s to ePro Scheduler, don’t fret. We provide employees with the option to auto import their employee data without error.

Learn how your agency can manage employee information by visiting our Employee Management page.