Live from EMSAAC – “Everybody uses ePro!”

We are here at the EMSAAC conference in San Diego and it’s a great event! EMS administrators from all over California have gathered to share ideas and learn from one another. One of our favorite aspects of a conference like this is meeting our existing customers face-to-face. It’s always fulfilling to hear them tell their own story about how ePro Scheduler Plus makes their lives easier on a daily basis. Our favorite line of the event so far: a guy passes by our booth and says “ePro? Everybody uses ePro!” And he’s not far from the truth here at EMSAAC. Most of the people we’ve spoken to are ePro Scheduler users.

Are you looking for an online multi-tool that covers everything from scheduling, timekeeping, certification tracking, document management, fleet maintenance, incident reporting, and more? Why not sign up for a free demo of ePro Scheduler Plus today and join EMS and fire agencies in California and across the country? We would be glad to serve you, and to meet you at the next event!