Putting Public Safety on the Clock

Law enforcement scheduling software in the EMS industry can be very complex depending on the requirements for shift patterns, rotations, and FLSA labor laws. Each day law enforcement agencies face unique challenges and it is critical that these agencies have a scheduling & time/attendance tool that makes their organization more manageable.


Below are the common tools and features that are incorporated into an EMS specific scheduling software:

Automated Scheduling

In today’s fast-paced world, technology and automation have gone from a luxury to a commodity for most organizations. Law enforcement agencies are also understanding the need to automate processes such as scheduling and time and attendance. Law enforcement scheduling software keeps your station’s calendar organized and easily accessible online. This flexibility helps you easily view and edit your department’s schedule to ensure proper coverage for all shifts.


Law Enforcement is constantly moving and in a fast-paced environment, nothing is more important than having the right data at your fingertips. The scheduling system’s dashboard should display all of today’s most relevant information (such as schedule changes, time off requests, and open shifts) in a way that is easy and quick to use. It should also give the flexibility needed to manage your agency most efficiently.

Synced Calendar

A schedule calendar that can synch to your employees’ mobile devices and third-party calendars such as Outlook, Apple, Yahoo, and Gmail helps reduce the amount of last minute call outs and PTO requests. The easier that your field employees can access their calendar, the more likely they are to utilize the tool to its full capacity. 

Mobile Tools

Field Employees need a more efficient and responsive mobile toolkit that empowers them to meet the needs of the organizations while a responsibilities. Finding a law enforcement scheduling software that provides the automated mobile features field employees request will help to get your agency closer to full adoption of the software. Some of the most popular features within a mobile tool are the ability to upload certifications, update profile information, view the daily schedule, pick-up shifts, and request time off.

Shift Management

Give your workforce complete shift management capabilities to tracking shift swaps, and managing fill shifts and assignments. A shift swap feature simplifies shift trading by recording requests and approvals, and by tracking banked hours owed between staff members. The filling and assigning features streamline scheduling and give your volunteer or part-time workforce the ability to submit their availability by requesting open shifts in addition to assigning shifts. These features have the ability to be customized to your agency’s specific policies.

Certification Tracking

Police officers, detectives, sergeants, lieutenants, captains, and commanders all need specific certifications to do their jobs. A law enforcement tailored certification and license tracking software offers the ability to build a custom list for employee certification tracking and tie it directly to a specifically mandated job qualification, ensuring that lower-ranking positions (such as an EMT) are not allowed to work above their qualifications. Simultaneously, allowing higher ranking positions (such as paramedics) to have the option to work all shifts that meet their qualifications.


Gathering and reporting data can determine whether your operation is on the right track and prevent any important information from falling through the cracks. Law enforcement employee scheduling systems that automate reports can help to eliminate the risk of errors and duplication that appear with paper processes and allow operations to create reporting and analysis that properly inform labor management decisions.


The automatic notification feature in an EMS scheduling software lets you quickly communicate shift changes, staffing needs, and availability – saving you time, money, and resources. This feature also gives users the ability to define their personal notification preferences, eliminating redundant and unnecessary emails.


Scheduling software specific to law enforcement automatically calculates overtime based on your departments policy or FLSA standards, eliminating the need for manual calculation. Time & forecasting becomes easier for staff and managers by automatically tracking vacation time, sick time, and accrual rates.

Time & Attendance

Law enforcement specific scheduling software has web-based time clocks that seamlessly track and categorize shift time to evaluate your staffing needs and simplify your payroll process.


Online Law Enforcement Scheduling Software

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