Introducing ePro Enterprise

eCore is pleased to announce the release of ePro Enterprise, a major new feature recently added to our ePro Suite of products.   ePro Enterprise provides the management of large operations of any size, whether distributed nationwide or worldwide, in a single database. Managing 250, 2,500 or 25,000 employees is not an issue with the advanced group management features.  With the enterprise management tools, it is easy to control employee access for specific locations while regional directors and top level management can access reports across the entire enterprise database.

Managing employee staffing, time & attendance and payroll through the rich, ePro Scheduler workflow toolset using ePro Enterprise is unmatched in the public service industry served by eCore Software Inc. We are proud to continue raising the bar with new and innovative product advancements that keep ePro Scheduler and ePro Manager the leading workforce productivity solutions in the public service industry.