Incident Reporting in ePro Scheduler Plus

Did you know that ePro Scheduler Plus provides an optional incident reporting tool, ePro Tracker?

With ePro Tracker, you can create an unlimited number of custom report forms for employees to access and fill out. This tool is often used for tracking incidents such as vehicle collisions, employee injuries, and equipment failures, but can also be used for a variety of non-incident related reports such as address changes, commendations, lost & found, etc.

With every report that you build, you can choose from one of our templates and add custom fields, or start from scratch. As employees fill out reports, managers receive email notifications and can log in and add notes and uploads files. There’s even a notification tool that reminds managers about reports if they go without activity for a certain number of days.

Are you using paper for incident reporting or passing around emails? Ever lose a report? Ever get frustrated with making copies, scanning reports, and trying to keep it all together? There is a better way with ePro Tracker! Request a demo today!