How to Manage a Volunteer Based EMS Workforce with Organic Retention

Every year brave men and women selflessly donate their time and skill set to local emergency medical agencies around the country. Studies have shown that 50% of all emergency medical personnel are made up of volunteers.

So, the question is: are you doing everything in your power to ensure that they are well taken care of and accounted for? With the majority of small counties fully supported by volunteer based EMS, ensuring that well thought out processes are established between volunteers and their local stations can directly impact the percentage of repeat volunteers.

Find out how you can increase or sustain your volunteer levels by applying little to no cost retention tactics with tools found in your EMS based scheduling software.

Decreasing Volunteer Percentages

As volunteer percentages continue to drop every year agencies are left searching for effective retention plans that keep volunteers coming back, while sticking to a tight budget. So many volunteer based EMS agencies are lacking sufficient funds that allow them to carry out in depth marketing and retention campaigns that spark volunteer interest.

With majority of volunteers juggling full time jobs while volunteering in their communities, time is a precious commodity. As rural communities and their volunteer pools continue to shrink, establishing a strong retention plan can help keep your station alive and well.

By creating an enriched experience with volunteers, you’re able to let them know that you are aware of the sacrifices they make and how important their time is to you. We’ll get into this a bit more in the next section.

How to Decrease Volunteer Turnover or Organic Volunteer Retention

Yes, retention and marketing plans are expensive. While finding room in the budget is not always possible, there are ways to enrich your volunteer’s experience with tools you already have on hand. We’ll refer to this as organic retention.

As a volunteer based EMS agency you understand that time is equivalent to currency. Creating an organic retention plan that alleviates time waste will impact the way volunteers view your agency. Utilizing tools you already have access to in your EMS scheduling software like Employee Document Database, synchronizing personal and work calendars, and certification tracking can help decrease time waste. Streamlining everyday processes will make your full, part time, and volunteers so much happier.

Streamlining Paperwork Processes

If your agency is currently using an EMS based software for full and part time employees but not volunteers, it’s time to get them on-boarded. Incorporating all of your employees onto one platform will ensure that your agency has all the documentation and paperwork they need to keep volunteer resubmissions running efficiently.

Every EMS based software should have an employee document database that houses an unlimited amount of forms and paperwork for each employee profile. Instead of having volunteers fill out all of the forms in their packets, have them fill out the ones that are necessary and need to be updated.

Synchronizing Personal and Business Calendars

Many volunteer based EMS participants have full or part time jobs along with their volunteer duties. To help your volunteers stay organized, have them sync their personal and business calendars found in their employee profiles to ensure that they will never miss a shift or meeting again.

Keep Up with Certification Requirements

Every field worker understands the pain of keeping up with certifications. As a volunteer, staying up to date without an automated system informing you on when certifications are about to expire can be a real headache. Incorporating the right tools will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

This is where organic retention comes in to save the day. Within your volunteer based EMS scheduling software, there are tools that make certification tracking and updating a breeze. Not only will the software alert employees of their soon to be expired certifications, but it also allows employees to take pictures and upload their updated certifications through their employee profiles. How easy is that? No more stacks of papers waiting to be scanned and entered in a timely manner.

Organic Retention for Volunteer Based EMS Agencies

Just because your agency lacks an official marketing and retention budget does not mean you can’t have one in place. Sometimes mending broken processes that waste time can have an impact on how your volunteers view your agency. When you are more prepared, they will appreciate the extra effort put in by placing the right tools in the right place.

If you’re ready to construct an organic retention plan, learn more about ePro Scheduler and our Certification add on tool, ConEd, to see how you can change the way your volunteers see you.