How to Get More Out of Your EMS Scheduling Software

With so many crew scheduler for EMS platforms to choose from, how do you know you’re picking the right solution for your agency’s problems? You’ve created a list and checked it twice for all the necessary bells and whistles you need your new system to possess, but there’s something hindering you from moving forward.

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of platforms that can house unlimited employee profiles and help steer your agency away from manual process by automating scheduling, but there has to be more to the story, right?

In this blog we will take a closer look at what it means to really get more from your EMS scheduling software and will have you saying yes to the right crew scheduler for your EMS agency.


A Closer Look

Most crew scheduler for EMS software supply clients with just scheduling necessities. They are usually equipped with features like automated scheduling, employee data imports, and employee notifications. There’s nothing wrong with these tools and features, but there has to be more.

Big or small, Emergency Medical Service operations are vast and require a robust software to help processes run efficiently. Finding the right one can be overwhelming, time consuming, and sometimes leave you feeling like there’s no hope in sight.


The Difference

Some agencies believe that a crew scheduler for EMS use is only beneficial to employees, scheduling coordinators, and payroll, but this is a total misconception. Imagine if your agency solely operated with those three branches… It simply wouldn’t work. Every branch in your agency requires a unique user experience that can be shared on one platform.

Your executives or board of directors should have the ability to pull accurate financial reports on employee and equipment spending at any time. Operations managers need to be able to create and uphold complex processes that keep your agency going. Scheduling coordinators ought to have the freedom to construct, launch, and adjust shift schedules with ease. Your human resources department should have every tool they need to keep employees happy while managing sensitive employee information. To ensure employees are paid on time and in full, payroll and accounting departments need a payroll outputting capability to ensure employees are paid on time and correctly every time.


Customizable Solutions

Too many EMS scheduling software providers offer one size fits all solutions to solve a variety of complicated pain points. Whether your agency operates on a different time and attendance policy or your PTO accrual date rules are different, you should have the ability to customize your system to fit your needs. So why do software providers try to treat you all the same when no EMS agency is alike?

Finding a crew scheduler for EMS use that supplies you with the tools to create your own user experience based on your agency’s needs is what makes the difference. Some one size fits all solutions may be perfect for what you are trying to accomplish, but not for the next department or agency.

Having the freedom to upgrade or downgrade services as needed should always be offered to ensure you’re only paying for services you actively use. Whether you choose a simplistic scheduling platform with only automated scheduling or a more robust time and attendance experience with payroll output, the decision should always be up to you.


Finding a Customizable Solution is Out There, We Promise!

To maintain successful operations, different moving parts must come together in order to produce a consistent and reliable outcome. Without the right tools you can kiss healthy processes goodbye. Staying organized by housing all processes within one platform will keep operations running efficiently.

Customizing your experience is easier than ever with ePro Scheduler and its add on tools. Our services cover a wide variety of needs ranging from simple, automated scheduling to time, attendance, and payroll output to over 30 payroll providers. Get more out of your EMS scheduling software today with ePro Scheduler.