How EMS Tracking Software Can Streamline Incident Reporting Processes

Is your company using Incident Reporting?

When your team experiences a problem, your first response can have a big impact on the outcome. Every moment counts when an incident occurs and making sure your team is equipped with the right tools at the right time can be the difference. As your agency grows, keeping track of incidental paperwork can become overwhelming and increasingly complicated. Unexpected situations happen but making them a habit, due to the lack of documentation, can decrease safety. Even though manual entries used to be the norm, automated incident reporting has taken its place. The objective is to minimize the risk of incidents and injuries by identifying hazards and reporting them.

Incident tracking software can be customized to fit your agencies specific needs, such as equipment failure documentation, communication issues, commendations, and more. The success of your team hinges on building a safe and efficient environment for employees and patients. Nurturing healthy communication between each channel of the organization during intense situations will result in fewer incidents and more consistency. Each organization is different and should be treated as such. Find out how your agency can further benefit from streamlining incident reporting below.

What is incident reporting?

When an incident occurs, multiple parties are involved in assessing the situation. The report may relate to an unusual occurrence on a work site but would normally relate to an accident or injury that has occurred. Depending on the severity of the accident, paperwork should be kept within the agency for safety planning or passed along to insurers if severe. Adopting a customizable tracking software gives your managers the freedom to access additional documents, assign reports to specific managers, and notification tools to ensure that the right managers have access to the right reports. This process allows for maximum communication between all parties involved in the incident.

Why is Incident Reporting Important?

It provides a reminder of possible hazards for employees, patients, or both. Properly reporting them provides a way for you to monitor potential problems and root out the causes before they reoccur. The documentation of these problems and causes decreases the likelihood that repeating failures will be noticed and corrected before they develop to more serious incidents. Having easy access to reports ensures that your team is always operating under safe conditions, giving your team focus and assurance that their equipment is running smoothly. eCore EMS software also gives your managers the ability to respond in real time making every second on the scene count.

How can Automated Incident Tracking Positively Affect Your Team?

As an EMS agency, you understand that time is a luxury during intense moments. Every minute is precious and can be the difference between life or death. Incorporating an automated incident tracking software brings consistency in times of unexpected scenarios by providing managers with all the tools they need to respond swiftly and efficiently to any disturbance in the day to day activities. Every situation is unique and calls for custom reports or forms to be assigned to those involved. This feature allows your managers to create organized reports for each member involved in the incident, ensuring all valuable information is recorded at that moment with 24/7 access.

All organizations will want to revisit written reports at some moment in time, whether for training purposes or active use. Having all your reports at your fingertips cuts down on time searching through old documents that were hopefully saved under the right file on your computer. EMS tracking software should house all forms and reports in an organized fashion to help streamline the process.

Every successful team has healthy communication channels between one another. Without it, the whole operation falls apart and this increases the likelihood of mistakes. Avoid miscommunication with notification tools that ensure no report falls through the cracks while in-depth permissions are administered to the right managers.

ePro Tracker is the One Stop Shop for Incident Tracking and Reporting

Make sure your team is operating with the best EMS tracking software, ePro Tracker. eCore has been working with EMS agencies for over 15 years, and our dedicated services have stood the test. Our goal is to provide clients with customized features that will allow their teams to run more efficiently when faced with incidents. Our web-based system gives you the freedom to access your reports 24/7/365 days a year and submit documents in real time.

ePro Tracker streamlines your current tracking processes to save you time and worry. Having the ability to access all files and reports at your fingertips gives you more time in the field and less time filling out physical paperwork. Since every situation is unique your forms should be too. ePro Tracker supplies all managers with unlimited customizable form creation that can be shared with appropriate recipients at the touch of a button.

ePro Tracker operates most efficiently with ePro Scheduler software, specifically for EMS organizations. ePro Scheduler is an online time clock and attendance tool that provides organized punches and time cards that are easily accessible to employees and managers. This tool helps agencies cut down on payroll mistakes and increase payroll processing ease. Just like ePro Tracker, ePro Scheduler is customizable to fit your organization’s specific scheduling needs.

If you’re looking for an EMS scheduling software that will fit your organization’s unique needs, give us a call today to learn more and request a free in-depth demo of our software.