Excessive Overtime – Stop the Bleeding!

Do you look at overtime reports at the end of the week and cringe?

Do you feel helpless in controlling overtime?

Are you making the best use of your part time and PRN employees?

The eCore deployment and support team has a great deal of experience in the realm of overtime management and control, and ePro Scheduler Plus, eCore’s online scheduling, timekeeping and payroll output solution built for EMS, Fire, Police and 911/Dispatch operations is designed specifically with labor cost reduction in mind.

That’s great, but how does it work?

When filling open shifts, whether from an employee calling out sick, or having to scale up your roster for the day, you want software that recommends employees based on certain criteria. Are they qualified and are their certifications up to date? Are they fulltime or part time? Are they even available to work? And most importantly, are they close to being paid overtime for the week?

If you manage timesheets and the schedule on paper or a spreadsheet, or if you are scheduling and managing time-clock data in two different systems, determining whether someone will go into overtime before it happens can be a harrowing task. ePro Scheduler Plus provides an integrated scheduling and timekeeping system that shows up-to-date weekly hours for all employees using a unique system that displays the number of hours already worked in a week plus the number of hours scheduled for the rest of the week for each employee.

So, when you have an open shift that needs to be filled, ePro Scheduler generates a list of qualified personnel, and sorts them by the number of hours they’ve already worked, plus the number of hours they are scheduled for the rest of the week, putting those with the least number of hours at the top of the list, and the most at the bottom of the list. From there, you can easily text message or email a notice to those with the least amount of hours requesting coverage.

With each day that passes, the number of hours reflected for each employee on the list is adjusted to reflect the most current time so that you can be certain that you’re scheduling personnel in a cost-effective manner. And at the end of the week, you can run overtime reports that will make you and your CFO smile.

Operations all over the U.S. are using ePro Scheduler Plus to control their overtime costs. If you’re not using ePro Scheduler Plus, request a demo today to learn more about how it can help you reduce overtime and labor costs. You’ll be glad you did!