Why every organization should be using ePro Tracker- eCore Software Inc.

Go Green with eCore Software Inc.’s tool ePro Tracker. Eliminate the paper trail and digitally track all reporting information for your organization. With the flexibility of our system, you can create forms such as annual employee evaluations, which include sections for both the employee and manager to use. ePro Tracker provides limitless customization options for any operational or Human Resources reporting needs. General incident, employee commendation, vehicle accident, personal injury, crew conflict, and equipment failure reports are a few examples that can be created and tracked from start to finish! Managers can send reports directly to employees to fill out; employees must acknowledge receiving the report and then send it back completed before the system will allow them to clock in or out. Never have to repeatedly call, nail a note to the board, or manually track a person down in order to get the required paperwork you need again.¬†With ePro Tracker, every organization can reduce workload, maintain effective communication with employees, and increase reporting efficiency.