ePro Tracker Updates Are Here!

EMS Operations around the country are excited to find out that ePro Tracker has just undergone a major upgrade! This reporting tool for incident tracking will still offer the same functionality as the legacy product, while also increasing user experience and satisfaction.

Below are some of the new tools that eCore will offer in May. Future updates will include tools such as form submission, manage reports, dynamic reports, and integrated setup.

Tracker Form Categories

While the form category tool is an optional feature to implement, it can have many benefits when it comes to organizing and managing form templates.

The Tracker Categories Tool allows agencies to:

  • Create Custom Categories
  • Filter forms by Category

Tracker Report Forms

Added Flexibility- Administrators now have more control than ever to create custom incident reports and forms specific to the needs of their agency.

Features include:
Drag and drop functionality
Restricting forms by qualification, employees, cost center, district, or enterprise group
Categorizing Forms into the groups assigned
Assigning colors to different types of forms for identification
Allowing Administrators to design one, two or three column reports
Adding saved templates (fields and sections) to forms

Saved Sections And Field Management 

Saved Section Templates – users can create, edit, clone or delete the list of items that appear under the Saved Sections and Saved Fields tool menus that used when Building Form Content.

Properties open for editing:
Section Type
Section Border
Header Fields

Tracker Form Template Transactions

Tracker Template Transactions– Monitor activity that has been made to Pro Tracker form templates using the form builder tool.

This report contains:

Date/Time of the change
The specific report that was updated
The action that took place
Name of the user that took an action
Description of the update

If you’re a client looking to add ePro Tracker, request a free ePro Tracker Demo today!