The ePro Scheduler Plus Benefit

Day in and day out, EMS and fire operations work hard to protect our communities. Now, they are stepping up the plate for another challenge. Conrad T. Kearns, President of NAEMT, states, “Our nation’s emergency medical services (EMS) providers—the healthcare system’s most secure safety net—have stepped up to help meet the challenge of not only responding to medical emergencies, but in new roles to prevent emergencies from happening.” The article dives into the role of EMS operations in reaching our healthcare goals. View full article here. With so much already on their plates, scheduling, timekeeping, and payroll should not slow them down! ePro Scheduler Plus provides a robust tool that can be used solely for scheduling or can include timekeeping and payroll. With a wide range of options and settings, ePro Scheduler Plus becomes a fine tuned scheduling machine addressing specific needs.

The Plus in ePro Scheduler Plus

Ever wonder what puts the Plus in ePro Scheduler Plus? Besides being a great scheduling tool, the real plus of ePro Scheduler Plus is the customer service you receive from our team. When you call or submit a ticket, our team is ready to help. Our in house team is dedicated to all of our customers and their experience with ePro Scheduler Plus. Anyone can say they have great customer support, but our customers say it best.

“Product has streamlined the process of scheduling of our staff and helped manage unscheduled absences. Customer service is easy to contact and top-notch.” –William Hinton, Mercy Air Service

“This software in my opinion is top notch, However the truly best part is the customer service. Whenever I have had any issues or if the system goes down (It’s not often) they are on top of it, in most cases before I can even call them.” – Timothy Burger, H.R.I.S Manager, Community EMS and Joint Ventures

eCore’s Vision

Knowing our success is derived from our customer’s success, we strive to execute the company’s core values of service, innovation, and relationships with passion, creativity, and excellence by developing best of class solutions for our customers.

Fire Departments have used ePro Scheduler since 2002For any inquiries, please call 866-240-6996 or e-mail