Why EMS Scheduling Software Integrations Are So Important

Managing an EMS workforce takes a lot of time and effort to maintain. In many cases, multiple software solutions are needed to keep order. It’s not completely farfetched for an agency to use a combination of software to handle day to day tasks. Processes like scheduling, time and attendance, and payroll are all imperative to an agency. With all of them playing a major role in daily operations, ensuring that your agency is using the correct mix of software solutions can directly affect the fluidity of EMS workforce scheduling.  Keep reading to discover how an EMS workforce scheduling software can improve efficiency within your agency.

Workforce Scheduling Made Easy

If your agency is still utilizing pen and paper to track processes like scheduling, payroll, time and attendance it’s time to make the switch. These prolonged methods only increase costs and lower productivity. Taking a streamlined approach will guarantee you are always spending your time wisely.

Orchestrating the perfect EMS workforce scheduling process doesn’t have to be convoluted and held solely to paper and pen any longer. Automation has proven to reduce the time it takes scheduling coordinators to create and publish shifts schedules by auto-filling qualified employees into custom-built shift rotations. This promotes an all-around consistent experience for employees.

Whether your agency creates specific shift rotations for certain workgroups or cost centers, the freedom to build an unlimited amount of shift rotations is up to you. Generate consistency with automated scheduling software to keep operations running with ease.

Simplified Payroll Output

The EMS industry is a unique beast when it comes to payroll. Simply because the scheduling habits of the industry are unlike any other. EMS workforce scheduling becomes easier when automated, but payroll processes have to match. Some agencies may use an alternate software solution to generate their payroll output, or manual practices to construct payroll files on their own.

To reduce the chance of over or underpaying employees, introduce an automated payroll system that can keep up with your daily EMS workforce. Automated payroll software can generate your agency’s earning codes into common formats that are easy to export and send to your payroll provider of choice.  

Streamlining Time and Attendance Processes

Another important piece to EMS workforce scheduling is managing time and attendance. Without integrated software, tracking the movement of your employees is a huge undertaking. Since time and attendance records and scheduling go hand in hand, both software systems should be fully integrated. Getting time and attendance records right the first time ensures that employees are paid accurately for their time worked.

If an employee is late punching in or out of their shift, managers can adjust punch time to mirror their shift start and end times. Time and attendance records directly affect payroll, so make sure your software of choice gives managers and employees the freedom to get the compensation they deserve.

Fully Integrated EMS Scheduling Software Solution

Skip the long process of looking for the perfect EMS workforce scheduling solution to handle your agency’s scheduling, payroll, and time and attendance needs. ePro Scheduler is proven to be the one-stop shop for the EMS industry. Our product was developed to serve the needs of every department within your agency.

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