EMS Scheduling Woes: The Prevention of Communication Breakdown

EMS providers handle emergency situations daily. Regardless of whether it is a situation involving injury or illness, standards and procedures are in place allowing people in need of assistance to be able to communicate efficiently with those that are trying to help them. In emergency situations, communication breakdown between injured parties and first responders/medical teams can lead to life altering mistakes including, misdiagnoses, prescribed incorrect drugs, an extended period being ill, and even at times death.

While it is easy to focus on improving the external communication between the injured and the responders, internal EMS communication is also critical. Emergency Response teams cannot be successful without proper EMS scheduling solutions. Successful communication and operational efficiency is a clear indication of effective shift scheduling. EMS teams are able to focus on the job at hand, rather than wondering if there has been shift confusion. Communication barriers can result in feelings of anxiety, fear and frustration, as well as a risk of running short-staffed. These issues affect the overall moral of the squad and can be address with a clear communication bridge between schedule coordinators, management and field employees. Create your own effective operation and prevent communication breakdowns. Check out some common tools and tips for management to use when creating and coordinating schedules.

Automate as many scheduling processes as possible

EMS Scheduling Automation reduces errors, promotes compliance, eliminates repetitive processes and provides access to information in real time for both management and end-users. Automation also gives end-users the freedom to easily communicate with management on shift trade, fill shift and time off requests. An automated EMS scheduling software will document all records of communication and activity between employees so there is no confusion or disagreements about events that have happened.

Distribute information in a clear, uniformed manner

The best form of effective communication is when all parties involved are on the same page. It is critical to communicate clear messages when notifying your team of an upcoming meeting or an open shift that needs to be filled. Sending out organization-wide messages through an EMS scheduling software allows for agencies to send consistent communication while also having the capability to report on users who have seen the message, and who have yet to open it.

Involve only necessary groups in conversation threads

Sending information to only necessary people within your organization is one of the most important steps to preventing communication breakdowns within your agency. There will be many times when a topic being discussed is not ready for all eyes to read. When employees gain access to information that is not specifically intended for them, messaging is often taken out of context and communication becomes blurred and confusing. Setting up specific groups and teams within your EMS scheduling software is the best way to prevent these situations from occurring.

Offer multiple forms of communication

In the EMS world, most employees are on the go throughout the day. Sending out emails as the sole form of communication can cause major breakdowns in communication when it comes to important changes to the schedules. It can also create a disconnect from field workers. To avoid this, use an EMS scheduling software that allows you to send messages through email, text, and the software’s messaging system to ensure everyone is always kept in the loop.

Give employees easy access to all critical documents and information

From incident reports, to fleet checklists and even time off forms, each agency has a list of documents that EMS employees will be required to view, fill out on a regular basis. It is common for agencies to keep these types of documents in-house, requiring a field employee to stop by the office to collect this information. An EMS scheduling solutions tool that allows for document storage provides agencies the capability to upload important documents and information, and for employees to access them straight from their phone or mobile device.

Effective internal communication is an essential part of running an effective agency and shift schedule. When employees are communicating well and collaborating with their team and management, every member of the squad is in the loop and able to focus on improving external communication processes with the injured. Proper internal communication also helps field workers feel connected to their co-workers and the organization. The sense of connection leads to higher levels of employee satisfaction and engagement within their role at the agency.

ePro Scheduler Plus Is the EMS Scheduling Software to Help Your Agency Bridge Communication Gaps

ePro Scheduler Plus takes your organization’s internal communications to the next level. Sending out messages and receiving confirmations has never been easier. Need to get important information out fast? ePro Scheduler Plus is the right tools for the job! ePro Scheduler offers a variety of capabilities for Advanced Communication, including a workspace messaging center, custom employee messaging groups, required acknowledgment for messages, and cloud-based document management.

In addition, ePro scheduler helps build effective communication by giving all users multiple information access points. Whether on phone, tablet or desktop, users can receive messaging and schedule updates from either email or text messages, without ever logging into the database.

ePro Scheduler is an extremely flexible and scalable web-based employee scheduling software solution that makes scheduling and mobile communication easy, intuitive and cost-effective.  With a wide range of options and settings, ePro Scheduler Plus becomes a fine-tuned employee scheduling machine addressing your specific needs.  It is ideal for public service organizations like EMS operations, 911 dispatch agencies, and hospitals.

If you are in the EMS industry and need a scheduling software that improves your agency’s commination and overall operational efficiency, contact eCore Software today to find out how to request a free demo.