The Simplicity of Integration – EMS Payroll Made Simple

While many companies easily use boxed resource management software such as ADP, Workday and Paychex for their payroll and scheduling needs, EMS agencies need a more customized solution. EMS companies have industry specific rules and requirements that call for robust scheduling software that integrates with their EMS payroll software. Boxed solutions often leave EMS agencies struggling to manage both an HRIS & ill-fitting scheduling software.

If your agency has bought a payroll or HRIS solution and prefers to use a specific EMS tool for scheduling, it may be beneficial to integrate your payroll, scheduling and timekeeping processes.

In the emergency medical services industry, the payroll department and scheduling department often deal with the same information such as employee hours worked, overtime hours, time off accruals and bank balances.

Below are five ways that integrating your payroll system to an EMS scheduling software can create streamlines processes, reduce liability issues, save time and money, and increase accuracy.

One-Time Data Entry

Duplication of data entry effects not only productivity efforts, but also the bottom line. With payroll integration inside a scheduling software, management can update information once and the data will be updated in both systems automatically. When duplication is eliminated throughout the organization, businesses have more time to focus on improvements, saving time and money which is a critical element of success. (Especially in the EMS industriry, where time is so often a limiting factor.)

Bridging the Communication Gap  

When scheduling, time and attendance, employee profiles, and payroll data are stored and managed through a single interface, communication and teamwork among the organization can be improved. Management can change information in one area, and workflows can send out notifications to the effected employees and departments alerting them of this change, while simultaneously updating all areas throughout the database. Users only need to learn one system and there is less room for error and confusion. Communication becomes simple for both managers and users.

Generating Payroll Reports

EMS employee scheduling software allows management to generate reports on information that may be needed to pay employees including time worked, time off, overtime, and special rates for holidays and individual bonuses. An additional feature in many EMS scheduling tools is the ability to approve/deny exceptions which can more accurately translate time worked from time scheduled.

Employee Self-Service

When payroll is integrated with a HRIS that has self-service options, employees can view their payroll information at their leisure. This allows them to check for accuracy, be aware of how many hours will show on their paycheck ahead of time and retrieve historical payroll data when needed giving employees the freedom to have more control of their schedule, data, and pay. This freedom also helps managers avoid lengthy debates over hours by employing a transparent self-service process.

Verifying Payroll Accuracy

An integrated EMS scheduling solution closes the gap between scheduling, timekeeping attendance, and payroll. Having scheduling information that automatically updates into payroll eliminates errors from manual or duplicate data entry and ensures accuracy. Fewer payroll errors means less HR complaints and ofter lower turn-over rates for in-demand positions.

EMS agencies rely on many factors such as cost-savings and increased productivity when develop operational efficiency. To achieve these goals, many agencies have turned to automation and integration between their payroll/HRIS systems and their scheduling and timekeeping software.  Effective workforce management requires the right tools, implemented in the best possible way.

ePro Scheduler is the tool to helps agencies easily integrate EMS payroll within scheduling.

Does your agency use an outside service for HR or payroll? Would you like an even easier way to get your scheduling and timekeeping data to your payroll company? With ePro Scheduler Plus, you can quickly run a standard payroll report or generate a payroll import file for over thirty different payroll applications such as ADP, PayChex or QuickBooks. Check out our full list of integrations here.

eCore Software Inc. has over 15 years of proven success with EMS agencies around the world using the payroll integration within our scheduling software platform, ePro Scheduler. Our product has everything an EMS company needs to provide simple and accurate payroll integration and reporting throughout their operation.

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