EMS Field Employees’ Most Wanted Mobile Tools

How To Convince Your EMS Field Employees To Adopt New Scheduling Software


In today’s technologically advanced world, many EMS agencies are feeling the need to transition their manual scheduling processes over to a more automated and intuitive scheduling system in hopes of building stronger workflows and processes within the organization. But even after a successful on-boarding and deployment phase, some agencies can still find resistance from their most important users, the field employees.

The lack of adoption of the new EMS scheduling software many times come down to the differences in the ideas of benefits that each side is looking for. While the directors and management of agencies might be looking for benefits such as improving efficiency and productivity within the organization, end users are more concerned with the ease of use and how well it integrates with the current processes and routines they have out in the field. If the product is not simple to use and makes their life easier in some way, your field employees will almost always have the least engagement from the software.

With these vast differences in goals for implementing a new crew scheduling tool, it at times can become difficult to accommodate both parties. But many EMS scheduling software’s provide both management and employees with solutions to their biggest needs.

Field Employees need a more efficient and responsive mobile toolkit that empowers them to meet the needs of the organizations while also handling all their job responsibilities. Below are the top mobile scheduling tool requests from Field Employees in the EMS industry. Finding an EMS software solution that provides automated mobile features that field employees request most often, will help to increase engagement with your scheduling software and get your agency closer to adoption throughout the organization.



Dashboards for mobile crew scheduling tools is one of the most sought-after features because nothing is more important for EMS industries than having the right data at your fingertips at the needed time. Implementing a dashboard that displays right after login allows employees quick navigation to the most commonly accesses features (such as the ones listed below.) To manage your agency most efficiently, you should have the ability to change the information on the dashboards based on the different groups throughout your organization.


Certification Tracking Management

Ensure that employee documentation is up to date and valid every time they are on a shift with certification tracking software. Mobile tools will give employees the ability to see when all their certifications and licenses are going to expire, and upload renewed or new certifications through their smart phone or tablet. Once the employee submits the certification and/or license, it will be sent to management for approval. Many EMS mobile scheduling tools also give agencies the ability to upload, store, and report on new certifications in the system.


Notification and Messaging

In the fast-paced world of EMS, one of the most needed features for any agency is to have quick, reliable and secure communication. With a messaging tool that is connected within an EMS scheduling software, employees can receive instant notifications alerting them of any changes to the schedule, an open shift that needs to be filled, or new policy being put in place. In addition, employees will also be able to notify management about things such as missed clock-in/out punches, discrepancies in timecards, or needing to call out sick.


Updating Personal Profile

Employee scheduling is easier when employee contact info and other related data is up to date and accurate. Field employees should have a tool that allows them to update their contact information straight from their phone. After submitting the information, management should have the capability to view the changes that the field employee is attempting to make to their profile and either or prove or deny all of the changes.


Synched Calendar

A schedule calendar that can synch to your employees’ mobile devices and third-party calendars such as Outlook, Apple, Yahoo, and Gmail, is a way to help reduce the amount of last minute call outs and PTO requests. The easier that your field employees can access their calendar, the more likely they are to utilize the tool to its full capacity.


Daily Schedule View

While many mobile tools give field employees the ability to view their personal schedule, EMS agencies also need to be on the lookout for mobile schedule views for mobile that allow field employees to see what the day looks like for all crews at their location. Many agencies hang up their daily schedule on the wall, but field employees don’t always have access to that information. By having the daily schedule show up through their mobile device. It helps to ensure that the agency is operating as planned for the day.

Pick-Up Shift Requests

Picking up shifts is another popular mobile feature for field employees. Instead of having to ask their supervisor what shifts are available or waiting for a last-minute fill-shift notification, some EMS mobile scheduling tools can offer a feature that allows employees to view any open shifts that they are qualified for based on the certifications they hold, current hours, and availability on their personal schedule. Once field employees request to pick up a shift, management will have the option to either set up thresholds for automatic approval or go into the scheduling software and manually review and approve each request.


Schedule Availability

Trying to fill open shifts can be very tedious for both management and field employees when there is not a designated place for employees to submit their schedule on a regular basis. Even when agencies implement a system, many times field employees have to drive to the office in order to put in their availability. With a mobile scheduling tool for scheduling availability, field employees can submit and view their weekly and monthly availability right from their smartphone, tablet, or computer allowing managers to remove the guesswork and quickly schedule available employees.


Shift Trade

Along with notification messaging, automated shift trading is another essential feature to look for when choosing an EMS scheduling tool. Shift trading is one of the most time-saving features in an automated scheduling tool because it allows organizations to set-up automated workflows in which co-workers can communicate their needs of being relieved or picking up a shift between each other. Rather than the previous manual approval process, organizations can now simply receive an alert to approve a new shift trade.


Time off requests

Even in the technologically advanced world we live in today, many agencies still find themselves stuck in a paper process for time off requests and approvals. The more time it takes for employees to fill out forms to submit things such as PTO and vacation, the more likely they are to wait until the last minute to submit the request, making management’s job of finding an employee to fill the shift, that much more difficult. By implementing a mobile scheduling feature that can handle automated time off requests from a mobile device, you are giving your field employees the ability to complete a automated request within a matter of seconds, and management the capability to approve the request, change the schedule, and update the employee bank balances all from a click of a button.


The Scheduling Tool That Both Management and Employees Want

ePro Scheduler Plus is an extremely flexible and scalable web-based crew scheduling software solution that makes scheduling easy, intuitive and cost-effective. With a wide range of options and settings, ePro Scheduler Plus becomes a fine-tuned employee scheduling machine addressing your specific needs.  It is ideal for public service organizations like EMS operations, air medical, 911 dispatch agencies and hospitals.

ePro Scheduler Mobile Tools are made for EMS field employees. Employees can easily access their schedule information, request open shifts, view rosters, make changes to the daily schedule, submit certifications, update profile information and more, all from their mobile device.

If you are in the EMS industry and need a scheduling software that allows you to access all of your workforce management tools from your mobile device, get in touch with us today to request a free demo.